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Ukrzaliznytsia resumes train


The press service of the southern railway of Ukrainian Railways has announced the appointment daily speed night train Kharkiv — Kremenchuk (Poltava) – Simferopol (№ 92 / 81 - 82 / 91).

This train will follow the route daily in the period from 1 October 2014 until 29 may 2015. The train will consist of a group of wagons Kharkov — Simferopol, Poltava – Simferopol and Kremenchug — Simferopol.

The timetable of trains Nos. 92 / 81 - 82 / 91 Kharkiv-Simferopol-Kharkiv:

The departure time of the group of continuous wagons Kharkov-Simferopol from Kharkov: 20:45 (except December 31). From Simferopol: 20:35 (except 1 January 2015). Time of arrival to Kharkov: 8:03. The group will run daily.

The departure time of the group's non-stop cars Kremenchug-Simferopol from Kremenchug: 14:45. From Poltava: 17:09. From Simferopol: 20:35. Time of arrival to Kharkov: 8:03. The band wagon will run through the day.

The departure time of the group's non-stop cars Poltava-Simferopol from Poltava: 17:09. Time of arrival in Kharkov: 19:53. Departure from Simferopol: 20:35 (8:03 – time of arrival in Kharkov, 11:46 – Poltava).

Also in Ukrzaliznytsya  announce the opening of the suburban traffic on the railway section Ilovaysk-Donetsk-2. The movement of suburban trains through the station Menchuhove, Ilovaysk, Larino, Mospino, Mushketova, Chumakove, Donetsk-2 resumed from 25 September 2014.

Existing railway sections as at 25 September 2014:

Donetsk oblast

Luhansk oblast

Also from September 25 to restored movement daily long-distance trains No. 47 / 48, Donetsk — Sevastopol — Donetsk.

Departure from Donetsk at 17:34, Sevastopol — at 21:50. Arrival to Sevastopol: 7:05, in Donetsk — 14:15.

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Date of publication: 25.09.2014

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