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Railways: timetables for March 2015 (change)


The current changes of the train schedule, railway cancellations, appointment of new and additional trains plying on the territory of Ukraine, declared by the management of Ukrainian Railways in March 2015.

Please note that all adjustments to the schedules and routes of trains on the page in chronological order for your convenience.

Information about changes in the timetables in April 2015 you can watch here, and the data for February 2015 — here.

The new train Kharkiv-Izyum-Kharkiv (  7005 / 7006)

From 2 March 2015 Ukrainian Railways appoints a new daily Express train No. 7005 / 7006, which will run on the route Kharkiv-Izyum-Kharkov.

The departure time from the station Kharkov-Levada — 14:27, arrival time, Raisins — 16:55. Back train of Raisins will depart at 17:55, arriving in Kharkiv at 20:16.

The route of the train 7005 / 7006 stops at stations: Shell, serpents, Ihor, Zanky, balakliia, Shebelinka, Zakomelsky, a Gypsy.

Additional train Kharkiv-Lozova-Kharkiv (  7001 / 7002)

Additional train No. 7001 / 7002, running weekdays on the route Kharkiv-Lozova-Kharkiv, will start flights from March 4, 2014. Departure time from Kharkov — 08:05, arrival in Lozovaya — 10:30. Back the train Lozova in Kharkiv will depart at 11:00, arrival — 13:33.

Stops will be made at the stations Lihacheva, Merefa, Krasnopavlivka.

Additional train Kharkiv-kozacha Lopan ' — Kharkov (  7004 / 7003)

Additional train No. 7004 / 7003 plying on the route Kharkiv-kozacha Lopan ' — the city will operate from 4 March 2014. Departure time from Kharkov — 15:00, arrival in Lozovaya — 15:42. In the opposite direction the train from the Cossack Lopan to Kharkiv will depart at 16:10, arrival — 16:54.

Stops will be made at the stations Dergachi, Slatina.

An additional train Kyiv-Uzhgorod-Kyiv ( 207 / 253)

On 6 March an additional train 207 / 253 (16 cars) will depart from Kiev to Uzhgorod 6 and March 20, in the opposite direction — 9 and 22 March 2015. From Kiev the flight will leave at 17:30, from Uzhgorod — 22:14.

Route additional trains provides a stop at the station: Kazatin, Vinnitsa, Neteshin, Khmelnitsky, Ternopil, Stryi, Lviv, Svalyava, Slavske, Mukachevo and other cities.

The new train Kovel-Ternopil-Kovel (  792 / 793)

On March 6, will start running a new regional train Kovel-Ternopil-Kovel (No. 792 / 793). The flights will be operated daily, the cars will only be available seats. Departure time from Kovel — 5:05 (arrive in Ternopil at 12:42); from Ternopil — 16:13 (arrival in Kovel — 23:50).

The train route will include stops at stations Lutsk, Rovno, Rivne, Red, Zdolbuniv.

An additional train Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kiev (  269/270)

Additional train No. 269/270 will go on the route Kiev-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kiev 6, March 27 and April 3, 2015 (departure time from the capital of Ukraine — 22:23). In the opposite direction the train will depart from Ivano-Frankivsk to 20:00 on 9, March 29 and April 5.

Stops along the route: Kazatin, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Lviv.

An additional train Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv (  219/220)

7, 13 and 20 March 2015 in Kiev will go the additional train 219 / 220. Departure time from Kiev — 00:12, from Ivano-Frankivsk — 20:00 (9, 15 and 22 March).

Stops along the route: Kazatin, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Lviv.

Schedule change of train intercity + Kiev-Krivoy Rog-Kiev (  740 / 739)

From 29 March 2015 schedule has been changed high-speed train 739 / 740 on the route Kiev-Krivoy Rog-Kiev.

From Kiev to Krivoy Rog train will depart on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from Krivoi Rog — on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In addition, Ukrzaliznytsia is changing the departure time of the train 739 of Krivoy Rog city — is 8:01 he is going to leave at 6:40.

The new trains from Kiev to Kirovograd and Cherkassy

From March 29, 2015 will run a new regional passenger train Kyiv-Cherkassy-Kiev (No. 788 / 787). This train schedule would provide for the running of through day on odd numbers from Kiev to Cherkassy (departure at 7:21, arrival 11:15), and in the opposite direction — even (departure at 16:00, arrive at 21:31).

The route of the new train Kiev-Cherkassy-Kiev provides a stop at the station Korsun and Gorodishche, Myronivka, Flowering and article them. Of Taras Shevchenko.

From March 30, 2015 will operate a new passenger regional train Kiev-Kirovograd-Kiev (No. 790 / 789). The schedule of this train will include running through the day on even numbers from Kiev to Kirovograd (departure at 7:21, arrival at 13:20), and in the opposite direction — even (departure at 14:00, arrive at 21:31).

The route of the new train Kiev-Cherkassy-Kiev provides a stop at the station Korsun and Gorodishche, Myronivka, Flowers, art them. Taras Shevchenko, Fundukleevska, Kamenka, Primorskiy.

Change of schedule, the train  791 / 792 Kovel-Ternopil

Ukrzaliznytsia reports that from 29 March 2015 changes the frequency of plying daily train No. 791 / 792 following the route Kovel-Ternopil-Kovel. At this day the train will run only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. In addition, changing the time of departure and arrival: from Kovel flight will depart at 5:05 (arrival to Ternopil at 13:02), from Ternopil — at 16:25 (arrival in Kovel at 23:50).

The route of the train 791 / 792 Kovel-Ternopil — Kovel provides for stops at stations Lutsk, rozhysche, Rivne, Rovno, Dubno, Zdolbunov, Radivilov, Brody.

Changed schedule of the train Kyiv-Rakhiv (  457)

Uz adjusts the schedule of the train No. 457, on the route Kyiv-Rakhiv. From 29 Mar 2015 duration of travel on that flight will be reduced by an hour from Kiev train will now depart at 16:00 (arrival time in Rakhiv — 11:04), and from Rakhiv to Kiev — 12:13 (arrival time at 7:00).

The new route of the train Kiev-Rakhiv-Kyiv will include a stop at the station: Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Terebovlya, Chertkov, Ternopil, Kolomyya, Vorokhta.

March changed the schedule of trains intercity

From 29 March 2015 in connection with the transition of Ukraine to the summer, Ukrzaliznytsia is changing the schedule and the schedule of some trains intercity and intercity+.

An additional train to Lviv for Easter

For Easter 2015 Railways appoints additional train to Lviv from Kiev: No. 192 / 191.

Additional railway flight will depart from Kyiv to Lviv 10, 11 and 13 April (departure time 8:14), back to Kyiv from Lviv, the train will go on the same days, time of departure — 13:35, arrival — 21:39.

The route provides for additional trains stop at stations Korosten, Novohrad-Volynskyi, Shepetivka.

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