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Railways: timetables, changes for February


Ukrzaliznytsia announces schedule changes, schedules, routes and number of stops of some trains operating flights on Ukraine, which will occur in February of 2015.

For this month's service of booking and sale of tickets Online Tikets will promptly publish relevant information about all the adjustments of the routes and schedule trains so that passengers always have access to all that data for the entire month.

We will remind, changes in timetables, which were introduced in January 2015, you can watch here . All changes in the movement of trains on the March 2015 published here. To see the list of changes in the timetables for August of the current year, click link.

Change the route of the train Kiev-Konstantinovka, No. 126 / 125

4 February 2015 will be changed the route daily train No. 126 / 125 Kiev —. — Kiev: from this day on, the flight should be through the station Krasny Liman and Bukino. From that day on train No. 126 / 125 will no longer pass through the station Lozova and Slavic, due to which travel time will be increased by 1 hour and 16 minutes.

The departure time of train No. 126 / 125 from Kiev: 16:48 (arrival time — 08:07), from Konstantinovka — 20:50 (arrival in Kiev — 11:26).

Cancel the train Kiev-Kamenetz-Podolsk, № 773 / 774

The press service of the uz informs that from February 2, 2015 is cancelled the passenger train № 773 / 774, on the route Kiev-Kamenets-Podilsky-Kyiv. Such a decision in the management of railroads was made in connection with reduction in demand on this flight.

As alternative variants Railways offers passengers to enjoy the flight Kiev-Kamenetz-Podolsk (No. 139/140) and  Kiev — Chernivtsi (No. 117/118).

Changed routes of trains in Russia

Ukrzaliznytsia informs that on 5 February 2015 will be reduced by the routes of two trains that formerly ran between Ukraine and Russia.

Now the commuter train No. 6623 / 6624 (route Kharkov — Hotmyzhsk — Kharkov, Ukraine) and No. 6066 / 6065 (route Vorozhba — Gotnya — Divination) will follow only to the border stations within the territory of Ukraine. The commuter train No. 6623 / 6624 will now follow only up to the station Odnorobivka and No. 6066 / 6065 —to Pushkarne.

Uz also informs that from February 13, 2015 will be cancelled regional train # 816 / 815, which now runs on the route Kharkiv-Belgorod-Kharkiv. 

This decision was taken to Ukrzaliznytsia in connection with a reduction in the demand for flights from passengers and also due to rupture of the Russian party to the contract between the uz and JZ of the Russian Federation, which regulate the joint organization of commuter trains at border railway stations.

Renewed passenger train Kharkiv-Lysychansk-Kharkiv, No. 609 / 610

Ukrzaliznytsia reported that the southern railway (southern railway) extended daily passenger train No. 609 / 610, on the route Kharkiv-Lysychansk-Kharkiv.

The train, consisting of 1 compartment and 5 couchette cars, continues to ply through the station serpents, Raisins, balakliia, rad'kivs'ki Pisky, Svyatogorsk, Kupyansk, Kreminna, Svatove, Rubizhne. Departure time from Kharkov — 13:00 (arrival time of the train Lysychansk — 20:25), Lysychansk — 21:05 (arrival time of the train to Kharkov — 04:22).

Promoted the new train Kharkiv-Artemivs'k-Kharkiv, No. 205 / 206

February 6, 2015, from Donetsk to Kharkiv will walk a new daily train No. 205 / 206, which will run in parallel with No. 805 / 806, which runs on the same route, but only three days a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The timetable of the new train from Donetsk: departs from the station Artemivsk-2 at 17:43, arrival in Kharkov — 22:05. Back flight will depart from the railway station Kharkov-Passenger 11:10, arrival time in Artemovsk — 15:26.

This train will be composed of 10000 compartment and second-class carriages.

The train route includes stops at stations: Balakleya, Izyum, savyntsi, Svyatogorsk, Yampol, Krasny Liman, Seversk.

Additional train No. 224 / 223  Kharkiv-Kostyantynivka-Kharkiv

8 February 2015 Railways assigns extra trains from Kharkiv in Konstantinovka, which will run daily in both directions. In the composition of the trains will be 6 cars (second-class and compartment).

From Kharkov the first flight of the train №225 will depart at 9:20 (arrival time in Konstantinovka — 13:43), from Konstantinovka it will depart at 14:53 (arrival in Kharkov — 19:35).

Stops on the route Slavyansk, Lozova, Kramatorsk, Druzhkivka.

Stop at the station Korosten ' for all Lviv trains intercity+

From February 13, 2015 all high-speed trains intercity+, next to Lviv, will make a mandatory stop at the station Korosten.

Additional stop on the route will not affect the schedule of trains — and a departure time, and arrival time of each of the flights will remain unchanged.

The addition of stops at specified stations, according to Ukrzaliznytsia, will allow passengers with comfort seats on a passenger train No. 61, which goes to Kishinev, Vitebsk, and St. Petersburg.

The list of high-speed trains, the route which will include stops at this station:

Cancel stops on the route of the train Kiev-Rakhiv-Kyiv, № 457 / 458

Cancelled stops at seven stations along the route of train No. 457 / 458, which runs along the route Kyiv-Rakhiv-Kyiv: on 25 February the train will no longer stop at the station Kozyatyn-1, Fastiv, Varva, Kalynivka, Gnivan, Volochisk and Podvolochisk, which usually goes no more than one passenger.

New daily train Kyiv-Khmelnitsky-Kiev, № 755 / 756 

14 February 2015, uz daily appoints regional train No. 755 / 756, which will ply the route Kyiv-Khmelnitsky-Kiev.

The departure time of this train trip from Kiev — 7:03 (Khmelnitsky train will arrive at 13:21), Khmelnytsky new train will depart at 16:48 and arrive in the capital of Ukraine at 22:41.

Along the route of a new regional train Railways will execute the stop at the station: Fastov, Kozyatyn, Khmilnyk, Kalinovka, Adampol, Starokostiantyniv and Krasyliv station.

Extended for an additional train Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv, No. 269 / 219

Additional train No. 269 / 219, which follows from Kiev to Ivano-Frankivsk, temporarily extended. 6, 13, 20 and 27 February 2015, he will depart from Kiev (departure from Kiev railway station at 22:23, arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk — 11:37), 8, 15, 22 February and 1 March — from Ivano-Frankivsk (departure at 20:00, arrival at 09:01). 

Train route No. 269 / 219 provides for stops at stations Kazatin, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Lviv.

Changes in the schedule of trains Kiev-Borispol-Kiev, № 712 / 711

High-speed train No. 712 / 711 intercity+ running the route Kiev-Borispol-Kiev, 17 Feb 2015 partly change the timetable, which will reduce the total journey time 1 hour.

The departure time of train flight 712 from Kiev — 06:24 (previously 06:49), the arrival time in Konstantinovka — 12:44 (previously 13:07). In the opposite direction train No. 711 will go from Konstantinovka at 16:21 (previously — 17:20) and arrive to Kiev at 22:56 (until February 16 — at 23:40).

Stops on the route of the train Kiev-Konstantinovka: Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Lozova-Passenger, Poltava-South, Mirgorod, Darnytsia.

The rescheduling of high-speed trains Kyiv-Kharkiv-Kyiv, №722 / 721

17 February 2015 a revised timetable of train No. 722 / 721 intercity on the route Kiev-Kharkov-Kiev.

High-speed train № 722 with 17.02.2015 will depart from Kyiv at 06:49 (instead of 06:24), and arrive in Kharkiv at 11:24 (instead of 11:00).

Back flight 721 to go from Kharkiv train station at 18:39 (departure time has not changed), and arrive in Kyiv at 23:18 (is 23:16).

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