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Tunnel of love: the epitome of romance


You still believe that the railway can't be linked to something fascinating and romantic? Then you have not visited the Tunnel of love in Rivne region!

This amazing segment of the Ukrainian Railways is similar, rather, on the backdrop for a surreal fairy tale than reality, but it does exist.

The town of Klevan in Rivne region — a completely new sights of Ukraine, which gained its popularity a few years ago. The reason for this flurry of interest, which struck the town of Klevan, became this magical cut railway running in a continuous arch of trees and bushes.

Tunnel of love in Klevan  — magic romance

Thick crowns of the trees under the rays of the sun Shine with all shades of green, creating a tunnel formed inside the incredible emerald shade, and this picture leaves no one indifferent. Today the Ukrainian Tunnel of love is considered as the most romantic and beautiful place in Ukraine.

Most unexpected, as the area appeared purely by chance – in Soviet times, this section of the railway led to the military base and for conspiracy it ‘hid" in the green areas. And since recent years the bushes and trees are not trimmed, the plants grew, creating a continuous green corridor around the railway tracks with a length of several kilometers. A perfectly smooth shape arch gave, no matter how it sounded, the train itself – while driving, he regularly breaks off twigs and branches caught on his way.

By the way, the train-the gardener is very often the hero of a variety of photo shoots, which is carried out in the Tunnel of love tourists and photographers. An amazing combination of airy green arches and big massive locomotive that is moving steadily in this fabulous tunnel is amazing.

The last few years, the Tunnel of love became a cult place for lovers and honeymooners, which is known all over Ukraine. The mystic beauty attracts both Ukrainians and tourists from other countries, because in the soul of every man is romantic and a little bit, but believes in miracles. And it's so fantastic that it seems like a little more, and there is something incredibly magical, because under these mysterious arches any miracles are possible! By the way, the Tunnel began to appear legends: the lovers believe that there can think of any, even the most secret wish, and if the love is real, then the wish will come true.

Tunnel of love looks very beautiful in any time of the year, but the most spectacular time – the beginning of autumn, when the foliage is pleasing to the luxurious combination of colors and shades. Therefore, even the most skeptical minded people after visiting the Tunnel of love remain very pleased with what he saw and happy to go here again and again.

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Date of publication: 06.11.2013

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