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The timetables for July 2015 cancellations and changes


As summer season vacations and holidays, many residents of Ukraine actively travel around the country, the Railways annually appoints additional trains for the summer period and increases the number of flights popular all year round trains. Also introduces temporary adjustments to existing railway routes to optimize the schedule according to the needs of passengers.

All adjustments and cancellations of trains that will affect the timetables for July 2015, we published for your convenience on this page — relevant detailed information about all changes in the schedule will help you to plan and organize their trips to the Ukraine. All data is official and provided by the Ukrzaliznytsya.

Please note: to see information about changes in train schedules for June 2015 click on this link, and August 2015 — this.

Changes in train schedule from Kharkov to Lviv and Novoalekseevka

Change the schedule of a train 111 / 112, which runs along the route Kharkiv-Lviv-Kharkiv will affect the departure time of the flight and length of journey.

From 7 July 2015, this flight will depart from Kharkov not in the evening as before, and the day — 14:44. Accordingly, you are changing the arrival time of the train Lviv-in Lviv railway station staff will be in 11:39. New schedule of the train from Lviv to Kharkiv will provide departure at 16:15 and arrive at 12:17.

In addition, the train Kharkov-Lviv-Kharkiv will include non-stop cars Kremenchug-Poltava-Lviv, which compensate passengers for the cancellation of the train Kremenchuk-the lions — Kremenchug (No. 577 / 578).

The route of the train 111 / 112 provides a stop at the station of Podvolochisk, Zhmerinka, Kiev, Combs and Poltava.

The new schedule of the train Kharkiv-Novooleksiyivka-Kiev (No. 81 / 82)

7 July 2015, changes the schedule of train No. 81 / 82, following the route Kharkov — Novooleksiyivka-Donetsk. Now the train will depart from Kharkov almost two hours later than before — at 23:30 and arrive in Novooleksiyivka the next day at 7:00. In the opposite direction the train will depart from Novoalekseevka in 21:50 and Kharkov will arrive in 5:59 the next morning.

The cancellation of trains No. 225, Uzhgorod-Kharkiv, No. 226, Kharkov-Uzhgorod

Due to the low demand for rail transportation direction Kharkiv-Uzhgorod-Kharkiv Ukrzaliznytsia has decided to cancel train No. 225 / 226, which operated on this route from 7 July 2015.

After the cancellation of this train route will run only for children, which is carried out by organized groups, 12, July, 25, 4, 7 and 27 August 2015 from Kharkov, 14, 17 Jul, 6, 9 and August 29, from Uzhgorod.

In addition to the canceled train passengers remained available six trains plying on this track: No. 207 Kiev-Uzhgorod, 99 Kyiv-Uzhgorod, No. 81 Kyiv-Uzhgorod, No. 829 Lvov-Uzhgorod, No. 601 Lviv-Solotvyno and No. 108 Odessa-Uzhgorod.

The new train Kharkiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kharkov (No. 115 / 116)

7, 2015 on the route Kharkiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kharkov will begin running a new night train No. 115 / 116.

The train will depart from Kharkov to Ivano-Frankivsk on odd numbers, departure time — 19:15, arrival time — 9:45. Back-up will go in flight from Ivano-Frankivsk at 16:33, and arrive at the train station of Kharkiv at 7:12.

Train route No. 115 / 116 provides EN route stops at stations of Lviv, Kyiv, Kiev, Poltava.

Night Express Kharkiv-Ivano-Frankivsk

A new night Express Kharkiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kharkov (No. 115 / 116) Railways runs from 7 July 2015. The time of the new high-speed train from Kharkov to Ivano-Frankivsk will be about fourteen and a half hours, the road between Kharkiv and Kiev — a little less than six hours between Kharkiv and Lviv — about 12 hours, and at the station Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk — a total of 8 hours and 30 minutes.

The departure time of the train from Kharkov — 19:05 (arrival to Ivano-Frankivsk at 09:45), from Ivano-Frankivsk flight will depart at 16:33.

run through the day. In the first flight it will depart from Kharkiv on 7 July at 19:05, arriving in Ivano-Frankivsk on the next day at 09:45 (Kiev - 00:55, Lviv, 7:22).

In the opposite direction the train will depart from 8 July to 16:33 and arrive in Kharkiv at 7:12 am (in Lviv at 18:38, in Kiev at 01:05).

The route of the new train includes stops at the stations of Kiev, Poltava, Lviv and Kyiv.

Non-stop cars Kremenchug-Poltava-Lviv

Non-stop cars Kremenchug-Poltava-Lviv will operate in the train Kharkov-Lviv ( 111 / 112) from 7 July 2015 instead of the canceled flight, train No. 577 / 578 Kremenchug — the lions — Kremenchug. Back cars will carry passenger services in the train Kremenchuk-Kharkiv (No. 92 / 91).

Schedule change of train Kharkov-Lviv-Kharkiv ( 111 / 112)

The schedule of the train No. 111/112, plying on the route Kiev-Lviv-Kharkiv, will be changed from July 7 this year. According to the new schedule departure from Kharkov will occur at 14:44, arrival to Lviv — 11:39. In the opposite direction the train will leave Lviv at 16:15 and arrive at the railway station Kharkov the next day at 12:17.

The train route includes stops at stations Poltava, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil.

Additional cars in the southbound trains

Increased the number of carriages, consisting of four pairs of trains running to the South. Only, according to Ukrzaliznytsia, added 16 additional cars in the train Nikolaev-Kiev-Nikolaev (No. 121 / 122, No. 209 / 210), Dnipropetrovs'k-Henichesk — Dnepropetrovsk (No. 90/89) and Dnepropetrovsk-Berdyansk-Dnepropetrovsk (No. 472/471).

Additional train Kharkiv-Odessa-Kharkov

Ukrzaliznytsya shall appoint temporary additional train, which will link Kharkiv and Odessa — flight No. 271 / 272. From Kharkov to Odessa train will ply on odd numbers from 9 to 31 July, and even — from 2 to 30 August. In the opposite direction, the flight will run on even numbers in July and odd days in August. Departure time from Kharkov — 20:16 and arrival to Odessa — 12:52, departure from Odessa — 18:05, arrival in Kharkov — 11:14.

The route will include stops at stations Poltava, Kremenchuk, Kirovohrad, Znamianka, pomichna, Pervomaisk, Podgorny, liubashivka, Kotovsk, Balta, Separate.

updated: July 20, 2015 train schedule  No. 271 / 272 becomes daily.

Change of timetable train Kiev-Rakhiv-Kyiv

Already from 25 July 2015 high speed train “sea” 357 / 358 will ply the route Kyiv-Rakhiv-Kyiv train instead of the flight number 457/458, carrying out passenger traffic on this direction. The schedule of the new train to the Rakhiv from Kiev will be more convenient for passengers — the journey time will be reduced by one hour (now it only takes 17 hours 44 minutes) and will be conveniently joined with a number of the Kiev trains intercity+, which will allow to provide comfortable transfers to other railway routes. In the opposite direction, from Rakhiv to Kiev, the train will take 18 hours 19 minutes.

The timetable of trains provides daily flights. Departure time from Kiev — 16:53, arrival to Rakhiv — 11:12. Back part will go from Rakhiv at 12:30 and arrive in Kiev at 6:14.

An additional train Kyiv-Uzhgorod-Kyiv

The additional train 207 / 239  from Kiev to Uzhgorod will run from 10 Jul 2015 1 time a week, on Fridays, and from Uzhgorod to Kiev flights will be operated on Sundays.

With the city railway station the train will go to flight 10, 17, 24 and 31 July (time of departure — 17:30), Uzhgorod — 12, 19 and 26 July and 2 August (departure at 20:20).

Route additional trains provides a stop at the station Mukachevo, Lviv, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia and Sochi.

Additional train Lviv-Odessa-Lviv

Between Odessa and Lviv from 10 July until 30 August and will run additional train No. 238 / 237. From Lviv to Odessa the flights will depart on even numbers (departure at 19:06, arrival 6:40) until 30 July and from 1 August 29 — on the odd. From Odessa to Lviv train on odd number will go from 11 to 31 July and from 2 August 30 — on even. Departure time from Odessa — 18:53, and Lviv train will arrive at 08:04.

The train route includes stops at the railway stations of Złoczew, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Zhmerinka, Vapnyarka, Kotovsk, Separate.

Changing the schedule of train No. 472 / 471 — 552 / 551

Dwukrotnie night train plying on the route Dnepropetrovsk, Krivoy Rog-the Main — Berdyansk-Krivoy Rog-Main, Dnepropetrovsk (472 / 471 — 552 / 551), July 11 will depart from Dnepropetrovsk on odd numbers and from Berdyansk — the odd. Time of departure and arrival of passenger train composition will remain unchanged: from the station Krivoy Rog train will depart at 20:10, from Dnepropetrovsk — 20:10. Arrival time in Berdyansk — 04:35. In the opposite direction train will depart at 22:30 and arrive in Dnepropetrovsk and Krivoy Rog at 6:31 and 08:14, respectively.

Trailer cars Dnepropetrovsk — Saint Petersburg

Between Dnipropetrovsk and Saint-Petersburg in the period from 15 July to 30 August and will run two trailing wagons in the train Kiev-St. Petersburg (No. 54) and Berdyansk — and Kyiv ( 227 / 228). The extension compartment and second-class carriages will ply on odd numbers.

Additional train Dnepropetrovsk-Odessa-Dnepropetrovsk

From 23 July to 31 Aug 2015 uz appoints additional night train No. 261 / 262, which will ply the route between Dnepropetrovsk-Odessa-Kiev. Soon the train will depart from Dnepropetrovsk on odd numbers and from Odessa — even. Time of departure from Dnepropetrovsk — 22:49 (train arrives in Odessa at 9:47), from Odessa — 18:35 (arrival in Dnepropetrovsk — 05:05).

Additional train Kharkov — Henichesk-Kharkiv

From 29 July this year appointed additional night train from Kharkov to Genichesk, which will operate on even numbers until the end of July and during August — the odd. In the opposite direction the train will go through the day — on the odd day in July and even in August. The departure time of train No. 259 / 260 from Kharkov — 20:25, arrival time in heniches'k — 4:35. From Genichesk to Kharkov the train will depart at 6:33 and arrive at 14:40.

Route additional trains No. 259 / 260 will include a stop at the station Lozova, Sinelnikovo, Pavlograd, Zaporozhye, Melitopol, Yakimovka, Novooleksiyivka.

Additional train Dnipropetrovsk-Ivano-Frankivsk-Dnepropetrovsk

High-speed night train 231 / 232 route Dnepropetrovsk-Ivano-Frankivsk-Dnepropetrovsk will run from 30 July to end of August.

From Dnepropetrovsk to Ivano-Frankivsk train will depart on even numbers, but in the opposite direction — the odd. The departure time of the train from Dnepropetrovsk — 17:36, arrival time in Ivano-Frankivsk — 13:24. From Ivano-Frankivsk to Dnepropetrovsk train flight will depart at 15:31 in the period from 31 July to 15 August, and 15:22 from 17 to 31 August.

Changed the train schedule 282 / 281 Kiev-Henichesk

From 31 July the timetable of trains No. 282 / 281 plying on the route Kiev-Genichesk-Kiev will be operated daily.

The time of the train departure from Kiev in Genichesk-21:56 (arrival at 13:12).

Additional train Odessa-Lviv

Additional train No. 258 / 257 plying on a route Odessa-Lvov-Odessa, will run from 1 to 31 August. The train timetable will provide flights through the day — on the even numbers from Lviv on odd — from Odessa. Departure time from Lviv — 18:53, arrival to Odessa on August 16 at 8:04 the next day, August 18 — 7:23. Departure time from Lviv — 16:25, arrival at the railway station of Odessa — 4:54.

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