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The timetables for August: change


Changes in the schedule of suburban trains and long-distance trains Railways for August 2015 — this page provides official information on all adjustments and cancellations of train flights, appointments of additional trains and changes to the schedule.

Changes that affect the timetables for August are added on a rolling basis of official data of the Ukrainian Railways.

To view information about changes to the schedule for the last month, go link.

Additional train Kharkiv-Novooleksiyivka — Kharkov

From August 1, 2015 Railways appoints additional train 249 / 250, which will run on the route Kharkiv-Novooleksiyivka-Donetsk. The schedule of this train provides flights to the end of the month. Departure from Kharkov on the odd day at 20:25 (arrival 4:10), from the Novoalekseevka — even at 7:01 (arrival at 14:40).

Route additional trains No. 249 / 250 provides a stop at the station Lozovaya, Pavlograd, Sinelnikovo, Melitopol, Kiev, Akimovka.

Increased frequency of train Kiev-Berdyansk-Kiev

From 8 August until the end of the month, the train No. 228 / 227 (Kiev — Berdyansk-Kiev) will run daily. The departure time of the train from Kiev — 17:51, arrival at railway station Berdyansk at 9:11 the next day. In the opposite direction. From Berdyansk to Kiev, the train will depart at 17:15, arriving at the capital train station at 10:24.

The route of the train involves a stop at the station Mironovka, Znamenka, them. Taras Shevchenko, Pyatikhatki, Dneprodzerzhinsk and Dnepropetrovsk.

Changed schedule of the train Cherkasy-Odessa

Due to high demand in passenger traffic direction Cherkasy-Odessa-Cherkassy Ukrzaliznytsia increases the frequency of running of train No. 137 / 138, which runs along this route.

The train Cherkasy-Odessa will occur 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, and on 29 August at 17:07, arriving in Odessa at 6:08 the next day. In the opposite direction, from Odessa to Cherkassy, the train will operate 2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26 and 30 August, going from Odessa train station at 21:16, and in Cherkassy arriving at 10:15 the next day.

Additional train Kharkiv-Lysychansk-Kharkiv

The additional train 609 / 610 go in flight once — 3 Aug. The departure time from the station Kharkov — 13:00, arrival Lysychansk — 20:25. In the opposite direction the train will depart the same day at 21:05 and arrives to Kharkov at 04:22 on the next day.

The new train Zaporizhia-Kiev-Zaporozhye

From 6 August 2015, will begin running a new high-speed night train No. 52 / 51, which will connect the Zaporizhia and Kyiv. Train from Zaporozhye to Kiev will depart on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 21:45, arrival time in the capital of Ukraine — 07:14 the next day. In the opposite direction, from Kiev to Zaporozhye, the train will operate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7 August. The departure time of train No. 52 / 51 from Kiev — 22:58, arrival in Kiev — 10:25.

New schedule of the train from Lviv to Kremenchuk

Schedule the running of the group non-stop cars Lviv-Kremenchuk as a part of train No. 112 / 111 August 18 will include smaller simple at the station of Poltava, causing the duration of the journey reduced by almost 4 hours. On the third Tuesday of the month, these cars will go from Kremenchug to 12:06 and arrive in Lviv at 12:06 and not at 15:57 as earlier.

An additional train from Odessa to Lviv

In the period from 4 to 31 August 2015 will run an additional train Odessa-Lviv-Odessa (No. 248 "the CARPATHIANS"). From Odessa to Lviv train will depart on even days of the month, time of departure — 11:40, arrival time — 00:08. From Lviv to Odessa, in the opposite direction, the train will ply on odd numbers. Departure from Lviv at 16:05, arrival to Odessa — 04:34.

This flight will be able to take passengers from stations Ternopil, Vapniarka, Zhmerynka, Khmelnytsky, Kotovsk, Separate.

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