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The Ghost train in Kyoto


Japan offers tourists a new adrenaline entertainment – a journey on the Ghost train. The passengers of this horror-Express compatible, so to speak, with pleasure – train travel from Kyoto to the town of Arashiyama and a themed attraction in the style of the room in fear.

The local railway company Keifuku arranges for its passengers amusement “Yokai train”.

The program of this pretty frightening entertainment provides everything you need to create a terrifying entourage effects. Frightening otherworldly illumination of carriages, moving images of monsters and poltergeists, carefully made-up actors in the role of monsters, eerie sounds and chilling music immerse the passengers of this flight to the paranormal atmosphere of this horror.

Trains-youkai go to the route only at night, after dark, and the approximate journey time is approximately 30 minutes. Another feature of the Japanese route of this train of horrors is the fact that the doors of the cars do not open at stops. Those passengers, who boarded the train at the beginning, will be able to leave it only after arrival at the final station, and up to this point all who are inside are trapped in monsters.

The cost of tickets on the yokai train is 200 yen for adults and 100 yen for children. But for those passengers who take this train in the costumes of evil spirits, and look like the real deal "youkai" of the railway company Keifuku offers special discounts for which you can buy a ticket on the train of horror for only 50 yen.

In 2014, Ghost trains Kyoto has embarked on a route from the first decade of August.

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Date of publication: 11.08.2014

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