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Undermining ways: changes in the movement of trains


Ukrzaliznytsia reported that in view of the fact that yesterday, on 22 June 2014 by unidentified persons was carried undermining the railway on sections of the road between Ilovaysk and Kuteynikovo, and between Ilovaysk and Mospino, a decision was made about changing the routes of passenger trains on the Donetsk railroad.

As the movement of trains on the section Kuteynikovo-Ilovaysk temporarily not possible, the route of some passenger trains have been changed:

Passenger train 26/25 Kiev-Kislovodsk-Kiev will follow the station Sinelnikovo-Pavlograd 1—Lozovaya-Kharkov Passenger-Kupyansk-poplar-Valuiki.

Passenger train 46/45 Minsk-Min. Water Minsk will follow the stations: Kharkiv-Kupyansk-poplar-Valuiki.

Passenger train 302/301 Minsk-Adler-Minsk will follow the stations: Kharkiv-Kupyansk-poplar-Valuiki.

Passenger train 390/389 Minsk-Anapa-Minsk will follow the stations: Kharkiv-Kupyansk-poplar-Valuiki.

At the time of the explosion of the railway on the stretch Ilovaysk-Kuteynikovo was a freight train, and on a site Ilovaysk-Mospino – part of the locomotive. As a result, derailed 14 cars, but the victims among locomotive crews.

On the damaged parts of the railroad being repaired. Representatives of Ukrzaliznytsia reported that the movement of trains on the routes Donetsk railway will be restored in the shortest possible time.

The administration of the Railways requests passengers to further specify the time of departure-arrival of the trains, because while recovery work on the damaged blast the site is not finished, possible delays in movement of trains.

Updated: as of 21:00 24 Jun 2014 rail service in the area Kuteynikovo-Ilovaysk fully restored.

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Date of publication: 23.06.2014

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