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Freedom of choice

Pendolino a new high-speed trains in Poland


Polish Railways to announce the routes of high-speed trains Pendolino.

The new trains are not only faster, but much more comfortable than the trains involved in rail Poland now. It is reported that all new trains will be used for 7 cars, which will be a total of 12 passengers in the business class, 45 seats of the first and 345 second class seats. All places, without exception, are equipped with individual power outlets and lighting. Also each train will have a buffet.

High-speed trains Pendolino in Poland have already started to ply the route Warsaw-Katowice (total journey time 2.5 hours), Warsaw-Wroclaw (2.5 hours), Warsaw-Gdansk (3 hours), and wrocław-Gdynia (3.5 hours). Also new trains running on the flight  Krakow-Warsaw-Gdansk-Gdynia.

As reported in the Polish Railways, the cost of the ticket for the new Express trains from Warsaw will be about €29—35, provided that the current tariffs for conventional trains, the journey time of which is more than the new high-speed trains, 0.5 — 2.5 hours, amount to €10 16.

The price of a ticket on the fast train Pendolino routes Krakow-Katowice and Krakow-Gdansk a conventional purchase is €44 and upon reservation — €24. For comparison, the conventional drive trains TLK now costs passengers €17—19 in the usual purchase and €13 with advance booking of tickets.

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Date of publication: 25.12.2014

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