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Change of train schedules in November 2014


For the convenience of passengers booking tickets Online Tikets continues to publish relevant information about changes to timetables 2014.

On this page you will find an updated train schedule of Railways in November, 2014: additional  train in Ukraine, which will be run on a permanent or temporary basis, data on the abolition of railway flight on adjustments in routes and schedules of trains.

Upon receipt of the new information data will be updated. Information about changes of trains of Ukrainian Railways in January 2015 you can watch here in February — here.

Change the schedule of trains to Moscow

6 Nov 2014 the schedule of trains No. 77 / 78  Kiev — Moscow — Kovel and No. 74 / 73 lions — Moscow — lions, and their route will be partially changed due to the lower demand for these flights.

Both train will follow the route to Kiev, where cars will connect in a single composition. Instead of two separate flight from Kiev will now go train already United in Moscow.

The movement in the opposite direction will occur according to the same scheme: the train from Moscow will be coming to Kiev, where he will again be divided into two separate part, each of which will continue in Kovel and Lvov via the old route.

Also from November 6, merged into one composition will be cars three trains: No. 670 / 73  Berdyansk — Moscow — Berdyansk, No. 15 / 16  Dnepropetrovsk — Moscow — Dnepropetrovsk and No. 74 / 73 Krivoy Rog — Moscow — Krivoy Rog. According to the administration of Prydniprovska railway, United Trehprudny the train to Moscow will be to gather and understand on the same principle as the flight Lviv and Kovel areas.

Limitations of trains for station Yasynuvata

November 12, 2014, Ukrzaliznytsia has reduced the routes of three trains that used to travel earlier to Yasinovataya. Because of the fighting in the East of the country, these trains will follow only to Konstantinovka.

The changes will affect flights to Kiev, Odessa and Moscow (train No. 125/126, No. 92/91 and No. 10/9, respectively).

The time of departure of train No. 125/126 station Kostyantynivka to Kiev direction: 21:17 daily (arriving in Kiev at 11:26).

The departure time of train No. 92/91 from the station Konstantinovka in the Odessa area: 16:26 a day (the arrival in Odessa at 8:09).

The time of departure of train No. 125/126 station Konstantinovka in the Moscow area: at 18:30 (arrival to Kiev at 11:27).

An additional train Kyiv — Ivano-Frankivsk (269/219)

Appointed earlier in October, a temporary additional train No. 269 / 219 on route Kiev-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv will run in this direction and further, according to the press service of Railways.

14 Nov 2014 this flight will be operated every week on Fridays. The departure time of train # 269 from the station Kiev — Passenger – 22:23, arrival time in Ivano-Frankivsk – 11:37 the next day.

Back flight No. 219 will depart from the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk at 20:00 on Sundays (from 16 Nov 2014), arrive in Kiev at 9:01 the next day.

The route of the train № 219 / 269 will include station Lviv, Vinnitsa, Kozyatyn, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky.

Change the route of train No. 591 Odessa — Lugansk

Due to hostilities in the Eastern regions of Ukraine Ukrzaliznytsia forced to limit train Odessa — Lugansk — Odessa and Kiev — Lugansk — Kiev station Krasny Liman.

Train No. 591, running from Odessa to Lugansk from 15 to 29 November 2014 only reaches the red Estuary. Departure time from Odessa — 12:31, arrival time at the station Krasny Liman — 3:49. The route runs every odd numbers. In the opposite direction the train Krasnyi Lyman-Odessa (No. 592) to go from 16 to 28 November on even number at 16:45. Arrival time to Odessa — 08:09.

Change the route of train No. 520 / 519 Kiev — Lugansk

Daily train # 520 / 519, running from Kiev to Lugansk, 20 Nov 2014 will depart from Kiev at 15:48, arriving at the station of Krasny Liman in 05:01 the next day. The estuary of the red in Kyiv the train will depart at 17:52 and arrive at 07:59.

Change of schedule, the train No. 724 / 723 Kiev — Kharkov — Kiev

Changes in movement of trains of Ukrainian Railways in November 2014 include increasing the frequency of flights, No. 724 and No. 723. Now the high-speed train intercity + No. 724 / 723 on the route Kiev — Kharkov — Kiev, 22 Nov 2014 daily. Until November 22 this flight was operated 6 times a week  —  all days except Saturdays.

Now the train Kiev — Kharkov (No. 724) is a daily to go from Kiev at 13:36 and arrive in Kharkiv at 18:11. Back train flight No. 723, on the route Kharkiv-Kyiv, also will depart daily at 13:16 from Kharkov, arriving at the Kiev railway station at 17:53.

Route daily train No. 724 / 723 will pass through the station of Mirgorod, Darnitsa, Poltava-Kievska.

Extended train route No. 734 / 733 Kiev — Dnepropetrovsk — Kiev

High-speed train No. 734 / 733 IC + (Kyiv — Dnipropetrovsk — Kyiv) from November 28, 2014 will be extended. The route of this rail connection will be extended to the station Sinelnikovo-2, Chaplino and Krasnoarmeysk, Donetsk region.

According to the updated schedule daily train # 734 will depart from Kiev at 17:40 and arrive at the station «Dnepropetrovsk — Home» at 23:10 and the station Krasnoarmeysk — a Passenger at 01:45.

In the opposite direction train No. 733 from Krasnoarmeysk to leave at 04:46, arriving in Dnipropetrovsk at 07:05 and in Kyiv at 12:50.

The new train No. 225 / 226 Kharkiv — Uzhgorod — Kharkiv

Changes in train schedules also provide for the opening of a new railway route between Kharkiv and Uzhgorod. The new train No. 225 / 226, which will follow the route Kharkiv — Uzhgorod — Kharkiv Ukrzaliznytsia assigns from 29 November 2014. This train route will run through the day on odd days the train will depart from Kharkov, and on the even – from.

The departure time of the train Kharkiv — Uzhgorod (No. 225) of Kharkov – 23:07. Time of arrival to Uzhgorod – 03:55. Train No. 226, on the route Uzhgorod — Kharkiv, Uzhgorod will depart at 11:17, and in Kharkiv to arrive at 14:30.

Stop along the route of the train Kharkiv — Uzhgorod — Kharkiv (No. 225 / 226): Sumy, Lviv, Kyiv, Sumy, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Zhmerynka, Koziatyn, Ternopil.

The new train Dnipropetrovsk — Ivano-Frankivsk — Dnepropetrovsk

From 29 November will also be a new train Dnipropetrovsk — Ivano-Frankivsk — Dnepropetrovsk (№ 231 / 232), the route of which will pass through Lviv.

The departure time of the train № 231 from Dnepropetrovsk: 17:36. Arriving in the city — 10:41, Ivano-Frankivsk — 13:24.

In the opposite direction train No. 232 will depart at 15:36 and arrive in Dnipropetrovsk at 11:48.

Thus, passengers from Dnepropetrovsk will be the three available options are regular trains from Dnepropetrovsk to Lviv Mariupol — Lviv (No. 70) and Simferopol-Lviv (No. 86) and new high-speed train Dnipropetrovsk — Lviv — Ivano-Frankivsk.

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