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Changing train schedules in the Novosibirsk region


Schedule of passenger trains in the Novosibirsk region changed from July 24, 2016 in connection with the transfer time in this region in the sixth time zone (+4 hours to Moscow time).

Changes will affect the schedule as long-distance trains and commuter routes. All will be changed schedule of 64 long-distance trains plying on the Western Siberian railway, and suburban flight 143 Novosibirsk, Altai and Kuzbass regions ZSZHD. A large part of the adjustments does not exceed half an hour, but six passenger trains and about 30 commuter flights will change their schedule by 30 minutes or more.

Changes of the train schedule:

These changes are valid until the end of 2016 (up to the approval of the schedule of passenger trains for 2017).

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Date of publication: 26.07.2016

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