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Express Moscow Voronezh will be a two-storey


Russian Railways (RZD) reported that in the summer of 2016, all morning and afternoon Express trains plying on the route Moscow-Voronezh-Moscow will have two floors.

The seats in the cars of the first class more comfortable  and wide, on each floor of the train foreseen for 29 seats, the passenger seats are located according to the principle 2 + 1, in each row two seats are paired, and the third — single. In the second class cars on the first floor there are 50 places and on the second — 52, armchairs located on the system 2 + 2.

Each two-storey structure includes two carriages of the first and at least five  of the second class carriages. The total duration of the path — about six hours because of the heavy workload of the railway line on this piece there is no possibility to use all power of modern high-speed trains — test flight «Swallows» passed this way in less than five hours.

The fare of second class train Moscow-Voronezh is 752 rubles, first class — 1311 ruble for pre-order, if the purchase is immediately before the date of travel, the price is usually higher (rates are rising with the approaching date of departure).

Chart running high-speed Express train Moscow — Voronezh — Moscow foresees the departure from the Metropolitan railway station at 8:10 and 16:52 (arrival time in Voronezh, respectively, 14:55 and 23:22). In the opposite direction the train departs at 7:25 and 16:10 from Voronezh (Moscow refundable at 13:55 and 22:55).

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Date of publication: 04.07.2016

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