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Tours of the station in St. Petersburg


Residents and guests of Saint-Petersburg from September 12, 2016 can go on an unusual tour of the historic railway station.

Today, tourists at the Vitebsk station offer several tour programs that will allow you to learn a lot about the history of the development of the railroad, the life and travels of the Imperial family. During the tour you can visit not only in the waiting room first class and the restaurant, but in the Grand houses and the apartments belonging to the Emperor and members of his family. Also tourists will be able to get inside of the first Russian steam locomotive, “Prompt” and even to sit in the renovated cars, 1937 — such what they saw the first passengers of the Russian Railways.

Vitebsky railway station in Saint-Petersburg is the most beautiful in the city, in addition, it became the first railway station in Russia. According to historical documents, the movement of trains on the St. Petersburg-Tsarskoe Selo was opened on 30 October 1837, and the whole history of Russian Railways begins with the Tsarskoselskaya road.

Duration Vitebsk station is a half hour, the ticket price-from 600 rubles.

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Date of publication: 13.09.2016

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