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Long flights how to make them more comfortable?


Most travelers like to travel by planes — a great mood, a foretaste of rest, a fascinating panorama Windows make the flight in a kind of little adventure.

But when you need to fly, not a couple hours, at least six, the fun is somehow lost, and in its place comes fatigue and irritation. And this is not surprising because for almost any person these conditions are, to put it mildly, uncomfortable.

To even long the flight is going well and not turned into painfully monotonous the seat we have prepared for you a list of tips from seasoned travellers that will help you to make the flight comfortable and enjoyable.

Tips from flight attendants, yoga instructor and the pilot is fairly simple and even somewhat obvious, but for some they can be very useful.

Advice from flight attendants: warm clothing and their food

The flight attendant Kara Mulder recommends always add in hand Luggage a couple of small but warm and, most importantly, comfortable things — a soft sweater or robe and socks. Sometimes in order to relax and to feel more comfortable, just a little warm. Another tip from Kara will be especially important for those who care about their figure and prefer proper nutrition: take with you a small snack. The food being served to the passengers of the aircraft, often contains a considerable amount of preservatives and salt, so not always it is useful.

Tip from yoga: simple asanas

A long flight is usually accompanied by fatigue and discomfort from practically stationary and hanging out. When you have many hours sitting in the airplane seat, the blood circulation is disturbed and the body begins ill listen. The best way to avoid this — to do a little workout, says yoga instructor Kadian Douglas. Interlace your fingers behind your back and pinch shoulder blades together, do the exercise on "twisting" of the torso, not rising from his chair. It will also be useful to slightly pull the leg muscles, or even just a walk around the cabin.

Tip from pilot: make a flight plan

Patrick Smith, the pilot of the aircraft, recommends to determine in advance with “schedule” a flight: reading books, watching movies, sleep, games, music, — just think in advance what and in what sequence you will do during the flight, and prepare everything you need. It is also worth considering that the Internet on Board the plane are usually not happy, neither their quality nor the tariff, therefore, a great option would be to do things that do not require WAN connectivity, for example, to sort the photos on the laptop.

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Date of publication: 08.01.2016

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