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Independence day: additional trains


Ukrzaliznytsia announces extra trains assigned to the independence Day of Ukraine.

Trains will run in the direction of the sea of Azov and in the Western Ukraine.

Will also be temporarily increased number of flights year-round regular trains.

For more information about Ukrainian trains on the Ferial days of August 2014, you can watch here.

Additional trains:

Additional train Dnipropetrovsk-Genichesk — Dnepropetrovsk (No. 522 / 521)

Depart from Dnepropetrovsk at 21:40 on 21 Aug 2014, arrival in Genichesk at 7:43 on 22 August. Departure from Genichesk: 21:55 (25 Aug), arriving in Dnepropetrovsk: 6:31 (August 26).

Additional train Kyiv-Uzhgorod-Kyiv (№ 207K / 207L)

Departure from Kiev will be performed on 22 and 24 August at 17:30, arrival in Uzhgorod-09:31. Departure from Uzhgorod, 23 and 25 August at 13:21, returning to Kiev – at 06:17.

Additional train Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk-Khmelnytsky (№ 269 / 270)

Departure from Kyiv at 22:23 on August 22, from Ivano-Frankivsk at 23:20 on August 23. The arrival in Khmelnytsky: 11:37.

Additional train Khmelnytsky-Ivano-Frankivsk-Kyiv (№ 269 / 219)

Departure from Khmelnytsky, 25 Aug at 04:29. From Ivano-Frankivsk to Kyiv will also be on 25 August at 20:00 train No. 219. Arrival in Kyiv: 9:01.

Additional flights year-round trains to the independence Day of Ukraine 2014:

Advanced flight train Kiev-Kamyanets-Podilsky-Kyiv (№ 139 / 140)

Departure from Kiev: on 22 and 24 August at 21:11, arrival to Kamenets-Podolsky: 05:45. Departure from Kamjanets Podils'kyy: 23 and 25 August at 19:58,arrival to Kyiv: 05:08.

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Date of publication: 14.08.2014

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