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Non-stop cars Kiev – Bratislava and Kiev – Budapest


Ukrzaliznytsia announces appointment of new trains to Hungary and Slovakia from Ukraine.

Non-stop cars Kiev-Bratislava and Lviv-Budapest will carry out passenger transportation is cancelled Moscow trains (flight No. 15/16 Moscow-Budapest-Moscow and No. 59/60 Moscow-Sofia-Moscow).

Non-stop cars in Budapest and Bratislava will run from Kiev at 14 December 2014.

A daily through car Kyiv-Bratislava-Kyiv (train No. 99/13)

The through car Kyiv-Bratislava will operate in the train Kyiv-Uzhgorod (No. 99), and the route Bratislava — Kiev — in the train Uzhhorod-Kiev (No. 13).

Timetable coach is a daily, a departure time from Kiev — 15:22, from the city — 00:45 from chop — 09:05. In Bratislava (Slovakia) the car will arrive at 18:05.

Back through car from Bratislava will depart at 05:55. Time of arrival in Kiev — 10:01.

A daily through car Kyiv-Budapest-Kiev (train No. 49, 13/81)

The through car Kyiv-Budapest will operate flights to Hungary on the part of the road Kyiv-Lviv train Kyiv-Truskavets (No. 49), and the area of the lions — Budapest — the train Kyiv-Uzhgorod (No. 13). In the opposite direction the train will cling to the train Uzhhorod-Kiev (No. 81).

Timetable coach will also be daily. Departure time from Kiev-20:45, from the city — 05:25, from chop — 14:20. In Budapest (Hungary) the car will arrive at 18:37.

Back through car from Budapest will depart at 07:23. Time of arrival in Kiev — 10:00.

Please note that to purchase tickets on non-stop cars Kiev-Budapest-Kiev and Kiev-Bratislava-Kiev is possible only in a physical railway ticket office. Online sales of tickets for these rail routes have Railways there.

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Date of publication: 09.12.2014

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