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Freedom of choice

What you need to know when traveling by train

You have questions related to travelling by trains?

On the website of the service Online Tikets you will always find an answer to any questions about the rights of the passenger Railways needed to buy a ticket and travel by train documents as well as about available services.

List of available services. The rights and obligations of passengers of Railways.

1. the train Staff must be polite. This is regulated by the rules of carriage of passengers.

2. During the trip, you can use hot water and essential medicines kits from the car. This is already included in the price of your ticket and must be absolutely free of charge.

3. the Passenger train has the right to ask to turn the music off if it bothers.

4. the passengers can right the to ask Explorer blanket, regardless of the time of year.

5. Toilet paper and soap must be available in the bathroom of the train.

6. the conduit can take the seat belt for a child or adult, if he travels on the top shelf. These belts are in the train, and they are obliged to provide passengers with top shelf upon request. If the supplied strap to your mind is not strong enough, you can also ask him to replace it.

7. Smoking in Ukrainian trains is prohibited, so, if any of the passengers smoke, you can require the conductor to take action. You can also require the conductor to calm rasshumevshihsya passengers.

8. to Wake you up at the entrance to your end station – is the direct responsibility of the conductor.

9. Passengers with sleeping accommodations must be provided tea and coffee for a set price. The cost of drinks can be included in price of tickets (when the current document has a corresponding note).

10. Rules of baggage on trains is provided with a carriage in the carriage of hand Luggage weighing up to 36 kg, not exceeding the amount allotted per passenger for cabin baggage.

11. Bed linen are included in the train ticket uz if you haven't abandoned it when placing a ticket on the train (the information about bed linen marked “BOP”, the 3rd row below).

12. the passenger has the right not only to take the bed, but not to collect it for themselves. Cleaning of linen is included in the duties of the conductor.

13. According to the instructions, you can ask the conductor to put you to bed if you find it difficult to do so. This is especially true for the elderly, pregnant women and families with young children.

14. the Passenger train may go to bed at any time, not just at night.

15. the duties of the conductor are also included for raising and lowering the upper shelves.

16. If your place on the train was taken by another passenger, the conductor is obliged to allocate you more. If a place is provided instead of the curious, is the car a class above, you don't have to pay extra, but if a new place in the car class below, you are required to refund the difference in ticket price.

17. If you're on the wrong train, you have the right to return to the original station for free.

18. You can buy railway ticket from the conductor, if, for any reason, are unable or do not have time to do it in a normal office. Wherein the conductor is obliged to give you a standard ticket on the train, the same as a regular ticket office.

19. If a passenger has missed my station to return to the destination station it can charge.

20. If you are behind the train, you have the right to continue the trip without surcharges. You report your problem to the head of the station, which turned out to be. He will contact the head of the train, where you went to the guides I followed your things and took them off the train at the next station, the stop for which schedule is 10 minutes or more. Remember that the passenger has the right to drive to the station where you will be your things and then continue their journey on another train, updating the ticket. To pay for a new ticket is not necessary.

21. if the money and documents stolen or lost, the passenger, Ukrzaliznytsi can get the ticket without pay – you can charge someone to buy the ticket in your name (a purchase request can be made by phone or Fax). A ticket for the train departing from the station where you are, can be issued from anywhere in the country. To buy a ticket this way you can not less than 3 hours and not earlier than 2 days before the train's departure.

22. the passenger has the right to sit in any train. For example, if you miss the train to the departure time to reach only the first or the tail of the car, and your ticket says seat at the other end of the train, you can go to any nearest car. This rule is true for boarding at intermediate stations, stop with very little time.

23. If you need to submit a ticket for reporting after a trip, for example, to obtain travel, you can apply to the conductor, and he will give you your travel documents. Please note on the ticket that is returned to you – a guide for can not give your ticket and travel document of one of the neighbors. The cost of the train tickets purchased at different stations, may differ.

If the handler can't find your ticket, contact the head of the train – you will be an act of loss of the ticket, and on its basis will be given a new railway ticket for reporting to accounting.

24. train Passengers "intersiti+" have the right to keep the tickets in for the entire trip.

25. If you forgot your ticket, for example, left him the man who accompanied you on the train, he must, not later than within an hour after the departure of the train to show you a forgotten document to the head of the station (station). The station master will give message to the head of the train, where you go, and you will issue a new travel document for the entire route. The cost of wires is paid by the applicant.

If within 4 hours after the train's departure a telegram (telegram) is received, the passenger will be considered ticketless. In this case, he must pay a fine and re-pay the fare or leave the train.