Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The contract of a public offer for air, train, bus tickets

Treaty of the public offer 

about the provision of reservation, issuing and sales of tickets and other services through technical capabilities of the web-site TICKETS.UA 

content of the Contract of the public offer: 
1. the subject of the public contract-offer between the client and website TICKETS.UA 
2. the Terms and definitions used in this Treaty 
3. web site 
4. Registration 
5. General rules: booking, purchase, payments, payment procedure 
6. special aspects of the use of the website services   

·         Tickets

·         Railway tickets

·         Bus tickets

7. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties 
8. dispute resolution 
9. Prohibited activities 
10. Explanatory notes 
11. force majeure 
12. Termination of agreement 
13. Term of agreement 
14. data Privacy 
15. anti-fraud 
16. Copyright 
17. Details 

1.1. this Agreement of public offer about rendering of services of the reservation, issuing and sales of tickets and other services through the technical capabilities of the web-site TICKETS.UA (hereinafter referred to as — “Agreement”), is made by and between OOO «TIKETS.UA” which owns property and proprietary rights on the Internet site TICKETS.UA and user. 
1.2. When ordering services through the Internet site TICKETS.UA the user agrees with the terms set forth below. 
1.3. OOO «TIKETS.UA” agrees to provide user services as booking, registration, ticketing and other services, in accordance with the terms of this agreement, and user agrees to pay for the installed cost. 
1.4. the Present public agreement-offer is concluded (acceptance of the offer) after the User confirms their consent with terms and conditions, by installing an appropriate level of dialogue reservation on the Internet site TICKETS.UA after which the public Contract is the basic document in the official relationship between OOO «TIKETS.UA”. 
1.5. This Agreement, as well as information about the services provided at the Internet site TICKETS.UA are public offer in accordance with article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. 
1.6. The relationship between the User and “TIKETS.UA” the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine. 

Terms  “we”, “us”, “our”  “TICKETS.UA”  — refer to the Limited Liability company “TIKETS.UA” (“TIKETS.Ua LLC”), is entitled, on behalf and at the expense of Carriers and service Providers to carry out the registration and sale of Services. 

Website — open for free visual inspection, a publicly accessible web site owned by OOO «TIKETS.UA” located on the Internet at  and also the website sub-agent:, through which is provided the display of information about the flight schedule, tariffs, and freight Board, fees, availability for providing transportation and other services provided by carriers and/or providers. The use of the Website is governed by the provisions of this Agreement and current legislation of Ukraine. 

Acceptance offer — full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Agreement, through actions by the User expressing intent to use the Website for booking Services. 

Acceptance — this is the answer of the person to whom the offer is addressed, about its acceptance. Committed person who received the offer within the term established for its acceptance, actions on performance of the conditions of the contract (payment services, etc.) is considered an acceptance. 

In case of acceptance stated below conditions the natural person conducting the acceptance of this offer becomes  Customer  (next —  User, customer, Client), the offer acceptance is equivalent to signing a contract on the terms set forth in the offer. 

offer — this document, published on the Internet at:

Booking, reservation, Booking — a properly completed Client's request for Services, self-selected on the Site, providing for the consolidation of the Customer selected on the Website services for a specific person (or persons). Booking may assume full or partial payment at the time of reservation, or payment within the stipulated period after booking on the website. Unpaid booking means that the order is reserved for a certain time and during this time can only be sold to the Client has made the Order. reservation Status is defined by its status are displayed in section “My ticket". 

Service — a set of actions provided by the Service Provider and/or Carrier to the customer after payment. The scope of Service and its beginning are chosen by the User while creating Order from provided options. Under the terms of this Agreement, Carriers and service Providers are not required to provide any services other than those declared when creating an Order on the website TICKETS.UA. The list of services provided to the Customer as part of the Order can be changed by the Carrier or Service Provider unilaterally and without notice to the Buyer. TICKETS.UA provides Services in accordance with the terms of the partnership/Agency/subagency contracts with Carriers and Service Providers. 

Electronic passenger ticket, itinerary receipt, insurance policy, electronic voucher — digital document stored in the system of the Service Provider or the global booking System, containing full details of the Service showing the identity of the merchant, the Carrier (Company providing the Service), Buyer's and Passengers certifying the purchase of Services, confirming the right specified in the document persons to use the Service, binding of the Carrier (Company providing the Service) to provide Service. Is provided by the Site or the service Provider directly to the Buyer Passenger in the form of electronic document: itinerary/e-ticket/insurance/e-voucher. 

booking System — information system containing information about the full range of Services available for reservation and purchase on the Website. The above information is posted on the website in full accordance with the way it is presented in the reservation system by suppliers of services (carriers) or their authorized representatives. The information in the reservation system may at any time be amended or supplemented, in connection with this, the User is encouraged to use the booking system in the mode “as is”. 

Section  “My ticket” — restricted area of the site TICKETS.UA available only to Users who have the process of registration and authorization, and contains the following subsections: 

1.     “My orders” — contains information about all the customer's Orders;

2.     “customer Data” — a mechanism for storing and editing data of the Buyer;

3.     “Data passengers” — a mechanism for storing and editing data of Passengers for the subsequent bookings on the Website;

4.     “My bonuses” — contains information about the current balance and the history of bonuses;

5.     “account setting” — a mechanism for changing a customer's password.

User/Passenger — a legally capable natural person over 18 years of age, legally entitled to enter into contractual relations with OOO «TIKETS.UA”, including to place an Order or book services on the website www.TICKETS.UA or specified as a recipient of services, or otherwise use the services purchased on the site www.TICKETS.UA solely for the personal, household and other needs not connected with entrepreneurial activities. The buyer can also be a Passenger/User. 

Carrier — the company, directly providing a Service for the carriage of Passengers, selected and paid by the system of booking and payment on the Website. 

Service Provider — the provider of tourist Services offered on the site, which is the official legal partner of the Site. The Service provider may be the Company providing the Service. 

Electronic payment system — a legal person of the technical infrastructure on a contractual basis with LLC «TIKETS.UA” receiving payments from the Buyers on the Site for the Services offered on the Website. 

3. The USE of the WEB SITE 

3.1.  the User must carefully read this Agreement and agree to its terms and conditions when ordering any Services on the Website. 
3.2. Using the automated system on the Internet site www.TICKETS.UA and related services implies that the User fully agrees with: 

·         the terms of this Agreement;

·         any amendments to this Agreement;

·         set forth on the respective service Site terms and Conditions of purchase, use and return of Services, which in turn are subject to the relevant laws, regulations and conditions of Service Providers;

·         privacy policy

·         politics of anti-fraud

·         Contract-offer Service Provider, if available on the selected service Website where the User make a reservation, and which may be offered to the User regardless of his assent to the Contract site TICKETS.UA. All contracts, information about which is posted on this Website are concluded by the Buyer directly with the persons providing those services;

·         if User does not agree with the Agreement, he has the right to refuse use of the services and website services TICKETS.UA.

3.3. Binding terms of your use of the web-site The user confirms that: 

·         the user is 18 years or more.    

·         the user has full civil rights and has full legal capacity and active legal capacity.

·         the user will use this Website only in accordance with this Agreement.

·         all information submitted by the User on this Website is true, accurate, current and complete.

·         the user will use this website only in order to make a booking/purchase Services for yourself or for other individuals for which he has a legal right to act.

3.4. means of information support orders implemented by the Internet site www.TICKETS.UA: 

1.     the Internet site www.TICKETS.UA provides Users with the ability to seek advice round the clock for booking, clearance, sale, receipt, exchange or refund Services. For getting advice, you should contact support.

2.     the legitimacy of the email notifications: email — is the main channel of communication between the Website and the Buyer. The user agrees that all obtained from the Website of the letter in electronic form correspond to the same legal requirements as communication in printed form.


4.1. in order to use the services of the Internet site, the User must complete the registration process on the website. When registering the User must include the following information: 

·         email address (later used as username);

·         name;

·         contact phone number.

4.2. Password is automatically generated and sent to the User by email after registration. 
4.3. Create an account on the Website the User in 3 ways: 

1.     Complete the registration form on the Website.

2.     Express check in via the form on the Website using Your profile in Facebook, but then the User agrees to provide all of the above data.

3.     Automatically receiving access to the account after the order is created.

4.4. the User has the right at any time to have access to their orders and personal information posted on the Website using your email address specified when the order is created and the password you received by email after registration. If necessary, you can use the password reminder on the Website. 
4.5. during check-In (ticketing) website www.TICKETS.UA the User agrees: 

·         to Observe the Rules of the Treaty and the conditions set forth privacy policy, politics of anti-fraud,  all changes and additions that can be added to this Contract.

1.     Time to update your contact information specified in the enrollment profile, monitor their accuracy and relevance.

2.     to Keep secret data for authenticating to the Site.

3.     to Receive commercial information about the tourist services www.TICKETS.UA.

4.6. If the User has an account on www.TICKETS.UA (section “My ticket” ), he will have access to the information in your account and will be solely responsible for any use of your account. Any actions performed in sections “My ticket”  using User credentials (email and password) are considered done by the User himself. 
4.7. the Buyer may refuse the use of the Site by deleting their credentials and a personal account “My ticket" of the . The removal request should be sent from the email address registered on the Site, email Services поддержки After the removal the User will not be able to recover the partition entry “My ticket” (including a list of all services, bonuses, credentials). 
4.8. LTD "TIKETS.UA” is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information provided by the User during registration. 


5.1.1. booking System includes information: schedules, transport rules, categories, and characteristics of vehicles (for transport services), data about vehicles, availability, rates, carriers and Providers of Services, rules of their application, the list of offered Services. 
5.1.2. the above information is posted on the Website in full accordance with the way it is presented in the reservation system by Suppliers of Services or their authorized representatives. The information in the reservation system may at any time be amended or supplemented, in connection with this, the User is encouraged to use the booking system in the form in which it is at the time of use. 
5.1.3. by Making a reservation through the Website, the Buyer is obliged to provide personal personal information specified in paragraph 4.1. this Agreement; and the personal information of Passengers: name, surname, patronymic (if present in document), the data identifying the document, date of birth, information about gender, nationality. 
5.1.4. When Ordering, the User must fill all the fields specified in the reservation System as “compulsory” to fill. 
5.1.5. Change of personal data any of the Passengers in the Order leads to the loss of power agreed upon in the Ordering of tariffs, so as to change these details, the Passenger in Order it may be necessary to carry out the refund on this order and place a new one. Thus, the Buyer assumes all possible commercial risks (a return ticket, the cost of making changes, making a new order, changes to the tariff, refunds, etc.), associated with his wrongful actions on the errors and inaccuracies in the provision of personal data of passengers. 
5.1.6. If the User of the website www.TICKETS.UA created a booking and did not pay it within the deadline date, the reservation will be automatically canceled by the system within the established Service Provider of term. No penalty for cancellation of unpaid booking is not provided. 
5.1.7. If it is a discount for children and/or babies, the child's age and the baby should fall into the appropriate age categories established by the Service Provider, “baby” and “baby” on the date of planting or other you start using our Service. 
5.1.8. Passengers whose full name specified in the order, do not match those stated on the ID card to obtain Services not allowed. 
5.1.9. Orders placed by User are final and are subject to automated processing in the data processing System, OOO «TIKETS.UA”. 

5.2.1. the Service is performed properly and in full once it has been shipped to his e-mail address specified during the Ordering process, electronic versions Blanca paid order of established sample which is the basis for the implementation of travel or receipt of the Services; and/or after displaying information about the paid Order and the free download of your paid order in section “My ticket" of the Website. 

5.3.1. the Buyer chooses the appropriate method of payment among those possible for this service, and the type of Service. 
5.3.2. the Buyer authorizes www.TICKETS.UA or a Carrier to remove them from the specified Bank account via the selected payment method, the full cost of the order specified on the Website, including the Commission, the relevant margin payment systems, amount possible conversion for all purchases made. 
5.3.3. the Buyer is solely responsible for all fees, costs and other Bank charges that may be added to the cost of the credit card Issuer. 
5.3.4. Buyer consents to the processing of your personal payment information. 
5.3.5. If the chosen payment method is credit card the Buyer indicates payment information associated with Bank cards, namely, card number, expiration date, CVV-code. 
5.3.6. Website reserves the right to refuse the User in providing services or to request additional copies of the documents of the card holder, if there is sufficient reason to believe that a transaction on a plastic card with which the reservation was paid, can be recognized as fraudulent. 
5.3.7.  resolution of the NBU “About transactions with the use of special means of payment" from 30.04.2010 № 223 transactions with Bank cards are made by the card holder or his representative. 
5.3.8. In order to avoid cases of various kinds of misuse of credit cards when paying for all Orders placed on the Website and paid by Bank card are verified by OOO «TIKETS.UA”. According to the Rules of international payment systems, in order to verify the identity of the owner and his eligibility for the card User, who issued such an Order, shall, at the request of the Operator, to provide two pages of your passport Bank card — the page with a photo and a copy of the Bank card from both sides (card number should be closed, but the last four digits) via e-mail as scanned copies. In the case of not providing the User the requested documents within the period specified in the request, OOO «TIKETS.UA or having doubts about their authenticity, LTD ”TIKETS.UA" reserves the right without explanation to cancel the Order. The cost of the Order is returned to the card holder. 
5.3.9. Bank fees and commissions Bank card: 

1.     If the booking is made outside of the country in which the card was issued, the Bank may convert the payment amount to your local currency and charge a service fee for currency exchange, also, may be assessed a foreign transaction fee. This means that the amount stated in the report on the status of the Bank card, can be in local currency, so it can figure the figure is different from that which was indicated on the final page of the payment for reservation on the Website. The company or Bank that issued the card may consider booking international travel international transaction, because www.TICKETS.UA may transfer payment to an international travel Supplier.

2.     the currency and amount of the Commission for international operation are determined only by the Buyer's Bank in the day when they process the transaction.

3.     the Exchange rates are based on various publicly available sources and should be used as guidelines only. The course may be inaccurate, and the actual exchange rate may vary. Exchange rate updated every day.

5.4.1. Refunds are always made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, rules of application of tariffs established by Carriers and Service Providers. 
5.4.2. the Procedure of refund requests and technical procedure of refund the Buyer is subject to the Rules and Features of return for each specific service, which includes purchased Service. 
5.4.3. support Site has the right to request from the Buyer initiating the return, copies of additional documents: personal identification documents, statements, certificates, evidence and other documents confirming the reason for the return, and provide Bank statements when dealing with controversial financial issues. 



6.1.1. BOOKING 
Rules of booking tickets are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found the link: According to the rules of some airlines, the presence in the passport of the Passengers for whom tickets are issued, middle name — the Buyer should specify in the appropriate box when booking. www.TICKETS.UA it is possible to buy and book ticket not later than 6 (six) hours before the time of departure. In cases of delay/cancellation of flight, when not committing a boarding www.TICKETS.UA entitled to collect, store and process necessary information for claims to the Carrier and to contact the Buyer specified in the booking details with the purpose of explaining the features of the claims to the Carrier for compensation. Purchaser may specify in the support Service availability and to order additional Services offered by airlines, namely: special menu with a choice of seats on the Board, making transportation of Pets, special baggage, apply for assistance at embarkation/disembarkation of persons with disabilities, support for children and others. 

6.1.2. CALCULATIONS AND PAYMENT LTD "TIKETS.UA” are not liable if unredeemed seats were removed by airline. It may not be able to rebook at the same price. transportation Rules, rate valid at the time of booking and may be changed by the airline company from the moment of ticket issuance, without notice to passengers. If the statement did not — support of the Site shall notify buyer of changes in cost and has the right to charge the Buyer's account for the surcharge. If the issuing of paid ticket was postponed at the request of Buyer, after the deadline date statement of purchased tickets (3–6 hours), ticket price or tariff can be changed by the airline carrier, and places to go to sale. currency Conversion when you pay: 

1.     the Currency of issue of the ticket may differ from the currency of the Order, in this connection, a further refund is possible currency conversion.

2.     As some airlines have open accounts in foreign banks, the request for the cancellation of the order value can come from banks outside of Ukraine. In such cases, the Issuer may make the conversion of funds, which depends on the card's currency, settlement currency and the applicable issuing Bank tariffs and exchange rates. Conversion can also occur at the stage of refund.

3.     LTD ”TIKETS.UA” will not reimburse Customers expenses in cases of subsequent conversions, because it does not participate in policy-making interaction among members, shared this transaction since its formation until the funds are withdrawn from customer's account and depositing funds into the account as a result of the ticket return.

6.1.3. REFUND and CHANGES in addition to possible airline's fines, OOO "TIKETS.UA" shall be entitled to deduct a service fee for the service ticket reissue — 250,00 (two hundred fifty) UAH including VAT, per Passenger (excluding infants); return ticket — 300,00 (three hundred) UAH including VAT, per Passenger (excluding infants). In the case of forced return a service charge is not charged. the Decision to levy penalties, in the case of involuntary exchange/return is not the fault of the Airline, depends entirely on Rules of fare and is Airline. When this fee may apply for return service. the Cost of additional services, the fee paid upon purchase of ticket and payment system margin are not returned. Money for the unused ticket, the Buyer will receive the same way the Order was paid. the terms of any change in the issued to travel documents (electronic tickets), cancellation of services, refunds as well as other conditions of services of their Suppliers, are governed by the fare Rules for this Service, a Contract of carriage with the airline, the Contract for the provision of services by the Website, the Air code of Ukraine and other legislative acts of Ukraine, and may include the imposition of penalties on the Buyer.  Refunds for unused air carriage or Services rendered shall be in accordance with the terms and Conditions that the User has reviewed in the course of the booking process. in order to make a request for change or refund of tickets, the Buyer shall use the appropriate technology on the website www.TICKETS.UA in section “My ticket" of the . The feasibility and cost of changes in the ticket, the calculation of the amount to be refunded will be made in accordance with the fare Rules at the date and time calculated, as the date and time of receipt of the refund request. 

6.1.4. Features of the order of air tickets issued segments: In case of exchange/cancellation, — fare rules apply to each ticket separately. In case of delay/cancellation of flight — by the Carrier, alternative or refund will be offered to a Passenger only for flights issued under a single ticket. In case the passenger has submitted a request for refund/change of order due to the following reasons: illness/death of Passenger or close relative is refused a visa-documents confirming the reason for the request will be considered separately for each e-ticket. 

6.1.5. Features ordering of tickets of low-cost Carriers (budget airlines): 
When you purchase flights with low-cost Carriers are subject to the following conditions: 

1.     the Initiator of money withdrawal from the card of the Buyer is directly the airline.

2.     you can Make payment only using Bank cards of payment systems Visa and MasterCard issued by Ukrainian, Russian and European banks.

3.     Currency of withdrawals depends on the point of departure.

4.     Room reservation, certified by the airline, confirms the possibility of a flight, e-ticket number is not assigned.

5.     the Passenger can't use the Tickets-bonuses accumulated in the Bonus program to pay for the tickets of low-cost carriers. Bonuses for paid tickets of low-cost Carriers are charged according to the standard rules of participation in the Bonus program.

6.     Change of route, and Passenger surname it is impossible.

7.     a Paid ticket is not refundable.

8.     the carrier has the right to apply special conditions regarding baggage allowances and check-in. OOO «TIKETS.UA” as mediator, can not affect the conditions of the Carrier's Service.

9.     to See the fare Rules of the airlines you can on the payment page during the order creation.

6.1.6. Features of the flight of the child under the responsibility of the airline:
 In the carriage of unaccompanied children under 16 years old must be a certified document in support of stating your name and the names of the escort from the airline.

6.2. W/e TICKETS 

6.2.1. TOTAL the Passenger is obliged to get acquainted with the procedure of boarding the train. passengers must comply with the requirements of the Carriers and transport Regulations, including requirements for use of ticket, cancellation of ticket, availability of documents for boarding the train etc the Responsibility for complying with transport Regulations the responsibility of the person who used the Service and/or the person using the ticket. Requirements and Customer complaints due to non-compliance/violation of transportation Rules, delays, etc., even if the Client was not familiar with the transportation Rules, the company «TIKETS.UA” will not be considered. LTD "TIKETS.UA” is not responsible in case of delay or cancellation of departure of the train. 

6.2.2. Tickets FOR the TRAIN "Ukrzaliznytsya" (State administration of railway transport of Ukraine) BOOKING 
The rules of reservation of railway tickets on the train "Ukrzaliznytsya" are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found here: the Website www.TICKETS.UA making railway transport possible in two ways: 

1.     Purchase with full payment of the booking on the website — after successful payment of the booking the customer receives a 16-digit number. Depending on the direction and trains, the ticket number may require exchange in ticket window, or the printed form may be equivalent to the ticket is not exchangeable and suitable for travel.

2.     Reservation and payment booking and subsequent purchase of tickets at the box office — after the successful payment of the service reservation the customer receives a 14-digit number that requires the payment of tickets in railway ticket office. a paper ticket (or purchase) online order in W/d the cash must be made by the Customer prior to the expiry date of exchange (or redemption) of tickets that you specify when booking. CALCULATIONS AND PAYMENT Service of sale of railway tickets is fulfilled in full volume from the moment of providing the buyer with a web site TICKETS.UA unique numbers online order in form allowing to copy it (overwrite it) or print the form Internet order. RETURN Return the unused railway ticket, passing him at the railway ticket office return: 

·         a ticket with deferred printing must be previously exchanged for a paper ticket at the railway office no later than the expiry time exchange at the box office;

·         e-ticket that does not require exchange, you need to print out, then take to the cashier for the return. the Customer will be given a supporting document indicating the amount of the refund. The funds will be transferred to the Bank account from which the ticket has been paid. 

6.2.3. TICKETS FOR TRAINS EUROPEAN RAILWAYS BOOKING Rules of reservation of railway tickets for trains of the European Railways are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found to: Proof of payment of the ticket on the train of European Railways is to provide the Buyer with the order (waybill). European rail Carriers generate their own check coupons. The user gets Control coupons, which is generated by the Carrier, so the type of the document may differ. the Types of shipping documents: 

1.     is issued For entire order a single order form, containing one page, regardless of the number of passengers. The document is sent to the address you provided during the order creation, and is also available in “My ticket" of the .

2.     For each Passenger a separate Order form containing several pages, according to the number of Passengers. The document is sent to the address you provided during the order creation, and is also available in “My ticket" of the .

3.     the Order is given a confirmation number. This room is either a source of exchange, on the basis of which the Passenger receives a boarding pass in “ticket vending machines" either this number allows the Passenger to Board the train directly. Order form with confirmation number is sent to the address you provided during the Order creation, and is also available in “My ticket" of the . CALCULATIONS AND PAYMENT the User agrees that its transportation Rules, ticket issuing, cancellation of orders are established, regulated and changed by each of the Carriers; and “TIKETS.UA” has no influence on the decisions of the Carrier about these changes. the User should be aware that in some cases the booking system indicates the total cost of the Order, including several tickets, not the cost of each ticket. RETURN the Possibility and conditions of return depend on the fare Rules of the purchased ticket. The buyer is obliged to read the Rules tariffs and regulations of the Carrier before placing the Order. the purchased tickets may be refunded only in the case that such a procedure is provided by the Carrier. Refund will be made after receipt by the Website of the payment from the Carrier. Return one or more tickets in one order. The entire order should be revoked completely. under No circumstances are non-refundable: the cost of services of LLC «TIKETS.UA”, the cost of services of Suppliers of tickets, penalties, Carriers, and payment systems margin. 

6.2.4. The TICKETS FOR the TRAINS "AEROEXPRESS» BOOKING Rules «Aeroexpress» are essential terms of the Contract, they can be found to:  Proof of payment of your ticket for the trains "Aeroexpress» is providing the Buyer itinerary receipt (e-ticket).  the Passenger is responsible for observing the Rules of use of the ticket and transport Regulations, for printing a ticket in the proper form and within the period of validity of the ticket. GENERAL RULES of TRAVEL General rules for travel in the trains "Aeroexpress» are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found here: trains "Aeroexpress» passengers are not permitted in any way damage or contaminate equipment inside the carriage, railroad locomotives and cars, baggage of other passengers. Passengers are not allowed to disturb other passengers, Smoking in cars and lobbies, to drink alcohol and be drunk. the Passenger can be removed from trains by police and security personnel, such as ticket cashiers (flight attendants) and health professionals. such as ticket cashiers (flight attendants) have the right to charge passengers a fare for travel without travel documents for carriage of overweight baggage and oversized baggage and if the passenger refuses to pay the fare to take action to disembark the passenger to leave the train. RULES for BRINGING ANIMALS AND LUGGAGE Rules for the carriage of animals and baggage trains "Aeroexpress» are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found here: the fare is charged according to the tariffs. Payment for extra baggage or bulky items and animals made only in cash. Proof of successful payment is a cash receipt which shows the amount and the name of the service. the Passenger is entitled to carry a hand baggage not weighing more than 36 kg and size is the sum of 3 dimensions not more than 180 cm, one travel document. For transportation in the account of the established norms allowed plants not exceeding 180 cm in height. surcharge allowed the transportation of small Pets, dogs and birds, one bike in unsorted form, as well as electronic, household, video and audio equipment, which is the sum of the 3 measurements is greater than 180 cm. Ensuring the integrity and security of hand baggage carried by the passenger is the passenger's responsibility. the RULES of carriage of PASSENGERS Rules of transportation of passengers in trains "Aeroexpress» are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found here: To travel in a train, the passenger must purchase a ticket for a single trip in one direction, to keep the purchased travel document for the entire trip, until through the checkpoint, to produce a document, such as ticket cashiers, in the case of the right to a benefit to present to the cashier proof. Travel document (ticket) for a single trip is valid for one trip in one direction in accordance with the date specified therein. Single tickets issued by other carriers commuter trains "Aeroexpress» is not valid. the Passenger is entitled to free transportation of children under the age of 5 years. For a child aged 5 to 7 years old must purchase a child tickets. At the request of the cashier doubting the appropriate age of the child, the passenger must present the confirmation document. the travel document to the person entitled to the payment of fare at a discount or free transportation, shall be developed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, and it is possible only in the railway ticket office. RETURN When you cancel a ticket on a train «Aeroexpress» will be refunded the full cost (except for return fee in the amount of 15.00 (fifteen) UAH and payment system markup withheld by the Bank for payment). If the ticket was issued the ticket on the train «Aeroexpress», for changes in train ticket will be fined in the amount of 16 UAH. 


6.3.1. TOTAL LTD "TIKETS.UA” provides Services in accordance with the partnership agreement for the sale of bus tickets for bus carriers. LTD "TIKETS.UA” is not responsible for incidents that may arise in the design of pre-paid tickets and boarding the bus. 

6.3.2. BOOKING terms of use “Bus” are essential terms of the Agreement, they can be found to: the Cost of bus tickets is determined according to the rules and rates applicable on the server of bus terminal (bus station, Transporter) at the time of booking and payment. In case of change of tariffs and/or rules, the operations carried out under previous rules/tariffs are valid and are not subject to reissuance.  Confirmation of payment of a bus ticket is to provide the customer's e-mail voucher (electronic ticket). Depending on the Service Provider, the voucher can be these types of: 

1.     the Voucher is exchangeable for a ticket at the box office. The design of the tickets for vouchers is done at the bus station ticket office, no queue, and terminates five (5) minutes before the scheduled departure of the bus. A ticket can be issued and given only to the person whose name is indicated on the voucher in the presence of the document proving the identity.

2.     the Voucher is exchangeable for a ticket when boarding the bus. The exchange is carried out by the bus driver. The form of ticket issued to the Passenger in the bus is determined by the document  “the order of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine from 25 may 2006 No. 503”.

3.     the ticket Voucher authorizing travel on the bus. On the Website www.TICKETS.UA it is possible to buy a bus ticket no later than 4 (four) hours before the time of departure of the bus on schedule. reserved In one Order not more than 5 (five) places. 

Cost of Services "TIKETS.UA" is charged together with the payment of tickets and is not refundable. 

7. The RIGHTS, DUTIES, and responsibilities of the PARTIES 

7.1.1. The user has the right: all of the available services and information sections of the Site to select, purchase, or study the available routes, prices, types, composition and terms Services. to Use the informational-consulting services support Services Website. to purchase Services for third parties or on their behalf, but only if he was authorized by those individuals to commit the selection and purchase Services, as well as providing their personal data required for execution of Services. 

7.1.2. The user is obliged: report referred to in paragraph Passengers on the Rules and Conditions that apply to the reservations/purchases/terms of use Services placed by the Buyer for them or on their behalf, including all rules and restrictions applicable thereto. Comply with the terms and conditions of purchase established by any of the Suppliers with whom it will cooperate in the framework of selected Services, including, but not limited to, payment of all amounts at the appropriate time and in accordance with established tariffs, rules and restrictions of Supplier. 
7.1.3. The buyer and the Passengers are responsible, informed and aware that: Any violation of any Rules and conditions of the Contract and Vendor restrictions may result in cancellation of bookings/orders, denial of access to purchased Services without refund of the funds paid for the order, and/or debit the Site account of the Customer for the amount of the damages incurred as a result of such violations. All the stages of the Order creation: indication the routes and dates, selection of the flight, entering the data of Passengers and the Buyer a choice of payment methods, and so on — it is solely independent of the choice of the Buyer. The buyer assumes full responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered when booking. Made by the Buyer is automatically fixed in the booking system, in the internal database of carries, and in the system TICKETS.UA for further development of the Order. Buyer assumes sole responsibility for compliance with the terms and conditions of the chosen Provider. the Buyer acknowledges that some Suppliers offering certain services and/or activities may require the Buyer to sign a waiver before you use their services and/or participate in the activities that they offer. the buyer and the Passengers are fully responsible for the availability and correct registration of documents, visas, required for crossing the border of the countries of transit and destination. The validity of the passport and other documents of the Passenger must comply with the requirements of the host country. the buyer and the Passengers are solely responsible for timely providing to the Website of their visa application and the address data of the place of residence in the destination, for entering information into the paid reservation, if required by the Carrier. the buyer and the Passengers themselves are responsible for late treatment of claims or failure to comply with the prescribed formalities. Fraud (or its attempts) during purchasing tickets on the website www.TICKETS.UA can lead to problems in obtaining visas, with immediate check-in, etc. Fraud (or its attempts) with Bank credit cards shall entail liability, in accordance with applicable Law. 


7.2.1. OOO «TIKETS.UA” has the right to: In its sole discretion, at any time  to make any changes on the Website without special notification or warning to the User: to add new and/or reduce existing Service Providers and/or Carriers available on the Website, the services and functionality; change the design; rules of conduct loyalty programs; add/reduce methods of payment available to Users for payment of the Orders on the Website; change the value of the Services rendered; the amount of fees and commissions charged for issuing/purchase/return Services. Without notice suspend the provision of Services on the Website with the aim of carrying out maintenance works. to Correct any errors in cost of Services on the Website and/or created orders (paid and unpaid), booked at the wrong price. In this case, if possible, the Buyer will be prompted to save the order with the correct price or to cancel reservation without any penalty. At its sole discretion, to refuse access to this Website and offer Services at any time and for any reason without explanation or notification to the User. perform actions specified in Policy to combat fraud. to Gather information about the customer's orders on the website to notify users about special offers, promotions and additional Services that are available on the website. to Offer the User a paid or free additional Services, such as service of the notice of delay or cancellation of flight in the form of SMS; a search service of railway tickets at their appearance in the sale; service recommendations for the choice of the hotel when searching for tickets; insurance, and others. Depending on the dialog step booking, which offers additional Services, its cost is either included in the total cost of the Order, or offers to pay separately. 

7.2.2. OOO «TIKETS.UA” is required: to Make every effort to serve the users of the Site properly. to Inform the Buyer about changing the Services or the impossibility of fulfilling the paid Service, provided that Service Provider and/or Carrier in a timely manner informed the Party OOO «TIKETS.UA”. 

7.3. Disclaimer 

7.3.1. www.TICKETS.UA does not act as apostasia with the Service Provider, the Service which is selected by the User; and is not involved in disputes between the Buyer and the service Provider or the Company providing the service.   
7.3.2. TICKETS.UA does not provide attorney services neither represents Passengers to Carriers and Service Providers, and other persons. 
7.3.3. the User should be aware that the support Site does not handle emails sent by User to the email address even if this address received a notification from the Website. 

7.3.4. under No circumstances is not responsible and does not provide compensation for: 

·         and does not guarantee the accuracy and disclaims all liability for any errors or other inaccuracies, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence concerning the goods and services of all without exception of Service Providers, available on the Website (including, price, diagrams, pictures, list, description of Services, statistics, etc.) since most of this information is provided by the respective Suppliers; or for a variety of injuries, death, property damage or other loss or damage or additional expenses resulting from the above; for the damage and loss incurred during trips to various locations around the world. Despite the competence and careful selection of Suppliers of services the Website is not able to make a total independent verification provided by service Providers information, but will make every effort to ensure the provision of Services to the Buyer in full measure;  

·         in case of delays, cancellations, route changes, over-booking, omissions, force majeure or other causes beyond our direct regulation, for losses or any additional expenses to Passengers due to the actions of any government or authority;

·         for the inconvenience and losses resulting from providing false information when using the Website;

·         for nondelivery systems of communication and failure to read/or not read the SMS client, and for timely review by the Client of his e-mail address specified when the Order is created, which can be sent information regarding created on the Website;

·         in the case of negligence User security and protection of personal data. If a third party has gained unauthorized access to accounts and other personal data of the User that caused losses to the User;

·         for the quality of various channels of public communication through which the User's access to the Service or operator support. And if, as a consequence of bad communication fails when you select the Service, registration or when paying for the Order.

7.3.5. LTD "TIKETS.UA”, not liable to the User of the responsibility in case of full or partial unavailability of the website and its components for any time, and without the possibility of User access to the website or the incurring of any indirect or direct costs in connection with these circumstances. All offers, prices and conditions of sale may be changed without notice to the User, limited in time, availability and terms of any pre-Order dates of travel, dates, minimum or maximum stay at the destination, factors weekends and holidays, seasonal price fluctuations, waiting lists, and strikes and temporary inoperability of reservation systems and/or subject to other changes, conditions and restrictions. 
7.3.6. LTD "TIKETS.UA”, is not responsible for any adverse effect or losses resulting from events and circumstances beyond the scope of its competence, as well as for the actions (inaction) of third parties, namely: 

·         in case of impossibility of performance of its obligations due to unreliability, insufficiency and inopportuneness of data and documents provided by the User, or the User violates the terms of this Contract or requirements to documents;

·         for the actions of carriers (change, cancellation, postponement, delay of departure flights, trains, buses and other vehicles, changes in the cost of tickets, the removal of the tariff from sale, cancellation of unpaid or paid bookings), for the safety, loss or damage to baggage, cargo, valuables and documents of passengers for the entire duration of their trip. In these cases, the liability to passengers carry air carriers in accordance with international regulations and current legislation of Ukraine. The passengers ' claims are considered by the carriers on the basis of the legislation of Ukraine and regulations of international transportation;

·         for the actions of customs and immigration authorities;

·         for the restriction of passengers ' rights to exit from Ukraine or other point of departure by the competent authorities of the relevant country;

·         for the actions of consulates of foreign States, including the delay, denial or modification of the terms of issue of entry visas;

·         for the consequences of the violation by the passenger, customs and border formalities, rules of travel and baggage transportation, as well as violations of specific rules of behavior in the country of temporary stay;

·         for lack of the passenger's travel documents received from company “TIKETS.UA”

·         for failing to appear or the late arrival of passengers for check-in, to the place of departure;

·         for non-passengers established by carrier rules of conduct on Board the aircraft;

·         for lack of passengers issued foreign passports to the beginning of the trip, the relevant documents governing the exit of minors under the age of 18 years;

·         for the authenticity and correctness of documents of the passenger (the accuracy of the information contained therein).

7.3.7. The user (passenger) confirms and warrants that he has read and agrees: 

·         with the requirements for registration and the documents required for travel, and takes full responsibility for the preparation of all necessary documents for the trip. Passengers should familiarize themselves and to comply with the requirements of the country in which it is sent, including requirements for execution of documents required at departure and upon arrival, the need for a visa, a return ticket when entering the country with visa-free regime for citizens of countries with relevant agreement with Ukraine, or compliance with other necessary entry requirements (health insurance for traveling abroad, proof of sufficient funds, etc.) the need for registration other documents required for travel of minors under 18 years of age, the animals, permits to export weapons, art treasures and other permits and approvals. OOO «TIKETS.UA”, is not responsible for ignorance or non-observance by the passenger of these requirements;

·         conditions of carriers ' tariffs, including the conditions of return and exchange of tickets and terms of the carriers have connecting flights in the event of issuing a ticket with a stopover (time enough for taking a transplant, clearance of transit visas, etc.);

·         with the requirements for foreign passports and other formal documents, including the residual validity of the passport required for obtaining a visa or entering the country;

·         about the features and rules of the border (customs) control (mode) of Ukraine and foreign countries;

·         the obligation to comply with customs and border regulations;

·         that the passengers themselves are responsible for the validity of foreign passports, of written consents of minors and other documents necessary for crossing the border, the accuracy of the information contained in these documents;

·         that the deportation of a passenger with an invalid entry or exit documents is carried out exclusively at the expense of the passenger. The passenger is obliged to obtain the necessary information about the deportation order in the Consulate of the country concerned.

8. DISPUTE resolution 

8.1. Any disputes that may arise regarding this Contract shall be resolved through negotiations. In all matters not regulated by this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Ukraine. 
8.2. To the relations arising from the present Contract, will apply the legislation of Ukraine. 


9.1. Forbidden:

1.     Use this Web site or its content for commercial purposes.

2.     Use the service TICKETS.UA in any way that violates any provisions of this Agreement and/or any article of the current legislation.

3.     Use any equipment and/or software designed to:

·         damage to the infrastructure of the Site, violation of the timely and proper functioning;

·         attempts to intercept any data and personal information processed on the Website;

·         implement actions that have a disproportionate load on the Website infrastructure, and other systems associated with the service Users and the provision of Services by the Website;

·         monitoring, automated extraction of information or copying of any data, content, and/or other information from this Website, by any means, for any purpose, without Express written permission www.TICKETS.UA.

10. EXPLANATORY notes 

10.1. If any part of this Agreement become illegitimate, null and void or one that is unenforceable, this will not entail the invalidity of the Contract as a whole. 
10.2. the Printed version of this Agreement and of any communication filed in electronic form should be accepted in any legal proceedings and administrative implementation on the basis of this Contract concerns and it is subject to the same conditions as other business documents and business books that were produced once and stored in printed form. 
10.3. Our travel services are varied and can include additional capabilities, if a customer orders them by subscribing to our service. In this regard, in some cases, may be subject to additional terms. 
10.4. Provided by the Site services and additional services may concern: 

·         this agreement;

·         privacy policy

·         politics of anti-fraud

·         10.5. User must carefully read each of these documents, and to agree to act strictly subject to these rules when ordering/activating any of the services. 
10.6. You agree that no joint venture, partnership or employment relationship will be formed between you and TICKETS.UA as a result of this Agreement or use of this Website. 
10.7. Carriers, Hotels, insurance companies and other Suppliers providing travel or other Services on this Website are independent contractors and not agents or employees of the company. 
10.8. Full responsibility for the transportation of passengers and providing tourist services are the responsibility of the Carrier company, or the company Service Provider. 
10.9. Means for providing information support, available in different sections of the Site (schedules, statistics of flight delays, ratings, directories, weather, news, travel, information materials about the countries, cities, events, etc.) is for informational function of the Website Users. 
10.9.1. All the data schedules, flight Board departures/arrivals, statistics of flight delays, the weather — include relevant data collection companies, and, therefore, the reliability and accuracy of the information in these sections is not the responsibility www.TICKETS.UA. The website www.TICKETS.UA not responsible for any changes in schedules and reference services. 


11.1. the Parties are released from responsibility for full or partial non-performance assumed in this Contract obligations if that failure was the result of the action of force majeure circumstances arising after conclusion of this Agreement. 
11.2. To the circumstances of force majeure are: fire, natural disasters, military operations of any character, epidemics, acts of legislative and Executive authorities, impeding the fulfillment of obligations, changes in immigration policy, terrorist acts, other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Parties. The period of performance of obligations under Contract is postponed in proportion to the time during which such circumstances last. 
11.3. Of the occurrence (and cessation) specified in paragraph 11.2. of this agreement of circumstances the Party which originated the impossibility of performance of obligations hereunder, shall immediately notify the other Party. Failure to notify or untimely notification about these circumstances, deprives the Parties the right to invoke these circumstances is not an excuse under this agreement. The period of performance of obligations by the Parties under the present contract is postponed in proportion to time during which will act in such circumstances. If the circumstances continue for more than fourteen (14) days, each party will have the right to refuse performance of obligations under this agreement. The indicated circumstance is confirmed by relevant decisions of the chamber of Commerce and industry of Ukraine or other competent authority. 
11.4. in the event of these circumstances, the Parties have the court to demand termination of the contract. 


12.1. LTD "TIKETS.UA” to the right, at any time, at its sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the Agreement without informing the User. The further use of the User of this Web site means that you automatically accepted the updated or modified Agreement. 
12.2. this Agreement may be terminated at any time at the initiative of the User or company “TIKETS.UA” by sending the other party notice by mail. 
12.3. LTD "TIKETS.UA” is entitled to terminate the Agreement at any time without prior notice in case of violation by the User of the procedure and terms of reservation and payment of services. 

13. The term of the AGREEMENT 

13.1. the Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its conclusion (acceptance of offer) and is valid for undefined time. 


14.1. the Principles of protection of personal data of Clients of “TIKETS.UA” described in section privacy policy and are an integral part of this Agreement. 

15. The FIGHT against FRAUD 
15.1. Principles and methods of dealing with fraud and fraud attempts by OOO «TIKETS.UA” described in section politics of anti-fraud and are an integral part of this Agreement. 
15.2. LTD "TIKETS.UA" reserves the right to investigate any illegal and/or unauthorized use of this Site, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized use of robots and other automatic devices in relation to the Website and make the complex appropriate legal action, in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine, to prevent damages or to claim redress. 


16.1. All materials on the website owned by “TIKETS.UA” or its partners. All materials are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to Website design, names, trademarks, logos, texts, database rights and other elements of the content of the site. ©2014 TICKETS.UA All rights reserved.
16.2. the User has no right to partially or fully copy, distribute, or otherwise use or reproduce the content of the Website or the basic software code without prior agreement with “TIKETS.UA”. 
16.3. If the User has become aware of an infringement of our brand, please let support Site. 
16.4. If the User is absolutely sure that the material we published it violates the copyright — the User (or his representative) may send us the original or a copy of written communications containing a clear description of the infringing material law; proof that rights have been violated; the contacts of the sender; a personal signature.


Full name of the organization: 
The Limited Liability company «TIKETS.UA». 

Legal/physical address: LLC «TIKETS.UA» Ukraine, 79035, Lviv, Zelena St, 186. 
Bank details: PJSC CB «PRIVAT», p/s 26009053815992, MFIs 325321. 

Phone: +38 (044) 502-74-38 (hours) 
Skype: tickets_ua (for calls only) 

terms of the Agreement the Internet site reviewed and agree with them, accept them, undertake to perform, and give my consent to the processing of my personal data.