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Freedom of choice

Yoga in Frankfurt airport


Now the flight waiting for passengers in Germany will be more useful and interesting — at Frankfurt airport opened a room for yoga.

Two spacious rooms for yoga is located at the terminal of the airport, between exits 14C and 16C. Room working around the clock to attend classes can all passengers absolutely for free.

Yoga rooms at the airport are open in the framework of the development and promotion of ‘Great to have you here!” and this innovation, according to the airport management, will make the air Harbor of Frankfurt more comfortable and attractive for passengers.

The room in which the guests of the airport are invited to enjoy yoga, decorated in a modern style and fully equipped. Here the passengers provide all the necessary equipment for meditation and exercise: mats, special blocks and pillows, and the walls in these halls trimmed mirror panels floor to ceiling. There is also information leaflets with instructions and recommendations as well as on large screens you can watch videos lessons and tips from top coaches on yoga.

According to experts, such activities help relieve stress from passengers, which is especially important for travelers with fear of flying, relax muscles and improve circulation, making the flight feels much calmer and more comfortable, and the consequences of even a long flight for of the body are minimized.

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Date of publication: 26.01.2016

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