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Alpine airport in China


In August 2014, the Chinese city of Hechi will get a rather unusual airport, located high in the mountains. Work on the establishment of the new air gates of the middle Kingdom lasted from 2008 to 2013 and has now just completed the final testing of performance systems mountain airport.

Located in the mountains airport Hechi Jinchengjiang Airport (labelling IATA: HCJ) will be a truly extraordinary – his runway whose length is 2200 meters, is located a record high – 677 metres above sea level. For the construction of the aviation workers had “smooth” 65 mountain peaks – with the help of explosives, the mountain peaks were demolished, and the resulting plateau was perfectly aligned and purified.

Now that it is reported that for the first time after the opening of the airport will take only one internal transit flight Chongqing-Haikou to Chongqing. In the future it is also planned opening of a flight transit in Guangzhou airport.

Just working on a project mountain airport in China cost the Treasury about $145 million.

The particular location of the new runway suggest some difficulty in landing, and pilots require a high level of skill. The words of the mayor of the city of Hechi, the complexity of the landing in this mountainous airport is comparable to landing on an aircraft carrier.

But, though a mountain airport in the city of Hechi is the highest airport in the world, to the present record holder, the Tibetan air port Daocheng, Yading, located at an altitude of 4411 meters above sea level, he was far away - he took second place in the ranking of the highest airports in the world. Now, after the completion of the project in Hechi, China can boast two airports-the record for height.

In the meantime, the residents of Hechi have to use an alternative airport, located 200 km from the city.

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Date of publication: 14.07.2014

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