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Virgin America: Internet on Board will accelerate


American low-cost airline Virgin America reports that from September 2015 the Internet on Board aircraft of the airline will be faster.

It is expected that the speed of onboard Internet will increase 10 times — this will be possible through the use of technologies of information transfer through satellites, Viasat, and not through terrestrial transmitters, as is happening now.

The new antenna Ku-/Ka-band will be installed onboard 10 new A320 aircraft, which the company will receive by the beginning of autumn. With the new antennas the plane's passengers will have access to the channel, with a total speed of about 140 gigabits per second (depending on the route of flight).

According to Virgin America, as part of testing the new equipment the passengers of the airline will be able to use Wi-Fi on Board free of charge, in the future, when the service will be provided on chargeable basis. The service cost will be $5 - $35.

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Date of publication: 13.07.2015

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