Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Ukraine has banned liquids on Board. Temporarily


Passengers of Ukrainian airports were temporarily forbidden to carry on Board the aircraft sent to Russia, and all types of liquids.

As explained by the representatives of the Ukrainian airlines and airports, the reason for this ban was received from the state aviation administration of Ukraine, the telegram with the respective order.

In the SAS, in turn, refer to the request of their Russian colleagues – in Russia a temporary the ban on transportation of liquids in hand Luggage was introduced in early January 2014 in connection with the Olympic games of 2014.

How long should this restriction, and how it will be implemented by the staff of the airports of Ukraine, it is not yet known.

Now in all major Ukrainian airports for departing passengers operate a single control area, and because citizens, who take off from Ukraine to other countries, this regulation does not apply to conduct additional inspections may be necessary to change these areas and their principle of operation.

Lining inspection security under the new rules may also arise due to the fact that passengers who fly to Russia will still be able to freely carry on Board liquids up to 100 ml, and pass them on to those who follow in the Russian airports after passing the checkpoint.

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Date of publication: 07.02.2014

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