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Fuel for Boeing will make of tobacco


Boeing, SkyNRG and South African Airways in the next few years plan to launch large-scale production of sustainable aviation fuel of new generation. As raw material for the production of fuel will be used tobacco varieties Solaris, which is grown in South Africa.

This variety of tobacco not suitable for Smoking because it contains almost no nicotine, but the oil from Solaris seeds can be processed into jet fuel of good quality. In the future, the representatives of companies producing aircraft, plans to establish production of biofuels not only from the tobacco seeds, but also from other parts of the plant. This will greatly increase production and minimize the use of oil fuel.

Now in South Africa already cultivated the first commercial crops of tobacco, which is refined into jet fuel. The increase in fuel deliveries to aircraft, made from recycled plants, is expected in the next year.

As representatives of the companies-manufacturers, the rational use of aviation biofuels will reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere compared to classic oil fuel by 50-80%.

Environmental jet fuel from tobacco seeds are certified since 2011. During this time, with its use by the airlines, there were more than 1500 passenger flights around the world.

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Date of publication: 11.08.2014

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