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Top 10 airports 2014


According to the results of a survey among almost 13 million passengers of different airlines services by Skytrax made a rating of the best international airports.

The evaluation was conducted on 39 criteria, and only participated in the selection 410 of the major airports around the world. For the survey and collection of statistics were taken into account characteristics such as service, competence of staff, the availability of convenient storage, the possibility of leisure and shopping.

Top 10 airports in the world:

1. International airport Changi of Singapore

Singapore international airport Changi is one of the largest and most comfortable airports in the world. The airport pays special attention to the needs of passengers, organization of leisure time and permanent and modernization of all terminals. Such policies are likely to produce tangible results – Changi for the second consecutive year firmly holds the leading place in the rankings of Skytrax.

 2. International airport Incheon

Incheon — the main airport of South Korea, located 48 km from Seoul, can offer its passengers not only great service, but a decent level of entertainment.

The airport has its own Golf course with modern Golf course, skating rink, casino and Spa. In addition,  has its own Museum of Korean culture and history, where you will be able not only to look at the exhibits more than 5000 years of age, but also to listen to traditional Korean music.

3. Munich airport

Munich airport is the second largest airport in Germany.

Interesting at the Munich airport, you will find unique winter beer garden, which offer visitors a real Bavarian homemade beer, sausage and traditional snacks, a viewing platform over the territory of the airport, exhibition of old planes and concert halls, where often live music.

4. Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong international airport situated island Chek lap Kok, famous for its culinary diversity – at the airport you can find a variety of restaurants, cafes and bistros serving different cuisine from all over the world.

In addition, there is great theater, modern Golf club and the centre of Aviation in Hong Kong with a simulation cockpit.

5. Amsterdam airport Schiphol

Amsterdam airport Schiphol is able to surprise its passengers not only an unusual layout (the airport does not consist of individual terminals and a single building broken into sectors), but rather non-standard for air port services.

In Schiphol has a library which presents the books in 29 languages and digital collection of contemporary local music, Museum, and even a wedding hall, where not only register marriages, but also help the newlyweds with planning and organizing the honeymoon.

6. International airport Tokyo

“national Museum”, international airport Tokyo is the main gateway of Japan. Today he is known worldwide for its exemplary procedure – as in the planets cleanliness and safety and punctuality of aircraft. The airport demonstrates the incredible statistics on the timeliness of departures and arrivals of flights (95 and 89%, respectively).

Also “area” boasts of excellent service for four-legged passengers – besides the standard ‘human’ hotels here there is a modern hotel complex for animals, which has everything necessary for comfortable travel with Pets, including a salon for haircuts and the area for walking. Also provide the service of keeping of animals (for up to several weeks).

7. International airport capital

Located near Beijing international airport capital is the main airport of China.

Has a glass roof the third airport terminal, built for the Olympic games in China, is the second largest terminal in the world in terms of – it is exceeded only by Dubai airport.

Here at the same time working 72 cafes and restaurants where you can taste the cuisine of all countries of the world, in this case, as proudly claimed by the airport management, menu prices are quite low and are matched to Beijing.

In addition, capital will definitely conquer you with its amazing winter garden, repeating the gardens of the Imperial Summer Palace in Beijing.

8. Airport Zurich

Airport Zurich, which is the main airport of Switzerland, that provides itself with electricity alone, due to solar panels installed on the roof.

Want to see the work Zurich from the inside? Embark on a two-hour airport tour, during which you will be able to visit all areas of the airport and see the functioning of its services from within.

Its passengers, the airport management offers to spend time waiting for departure with benefits – anyone can rent roller skates, a Bicycle or Nordic walking sticks, and Hiking in a specially equipped Park around the airport.

9. International airport Vancouver

Canadian Vancouver international airport-the only air port in the Western hemisphere, which entered the top 10 international airports.

Passengers «Vancouver» note the excellent punctuality of departures and a high level of service at the airport, but its main attraction – a real river surrounded by green trees, which flows directly in the airport lounge, and a huge swimming pool with sea inhabitants.

10. International airport Heathrow

Heathrow, the main UK airport, closes top-10 for the second consecutive year.

Non-standard services here, you can get a room of prayers, which are prayers under the guidance of the clergy of different religions. Prayer services are held on certain schedules.

You will also be able to partake in Heathrow all the amenities of modern shopping. On the website of the airport you can follow the charts of sales and range of products, and any things you can book on the day of your arrival at the airport. There is also a modern art gallery where passengers can exhibits.

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Date of publication: 15.04.2014

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