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Travel tips: how to fly comfortably


To make your air travel easy and enjoyable actually quite easy — just enough to think in advance about the necessary for a comfortable flight issues. Tourists often, unfortunately, forget about some important points while preparing for the trip, which trip is not as good as I could, plus can occur emergency with documents or Luggage.

To exclude the possibility of such force majeure and to help you plan the perfect trip, we have prepared for you useful information about air travel — a list of tips that will make the flight comfortable and enjoyable.

What you need to do before departure

Prepare in advance for the necessary flight documents:

If you travel with a child, you need to have a ticket for the child, his passport and the original birth certificate. In the case when a minor is flying with a parent or with a third party require a notarized permission to travel (according to the situation — from the other parent or from both). In some cases, instead of the notary authorization may require a document confirming the right to make decisions about traveling abroad child alone — certificate of status of single mothers, the certificate of deprivation of parental rights or death of a spouse.

If you plan to visit countries that require visas, in advance apply to receive them. Be sure to check the expiration date of your passport and visa.

Arrive at the airport check-in in advance — so less likely to be late for the plane, and on flights of some airlines that will allow you to get the best seats in the cabin.

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to pass the inspection, so his belt should be avoided and shoes should be comfortable and easily removed / put on.

Features flight with transfers

Many of the routes involve at least one change, so you should pay attention to the selection of the route to the time between flights was enough for transferring from one plane to another. The time for transplant is to choose at least three to four hours — you are guaranteed to have time to change to the next flight, even if your flight will be late.

The airport, which will be a transfer from one flight to another, is also necessary to choose carefully — keep in mind that in most countries without a visa you won't be able to go beyond the airport to spend the time waiting for a plane in the city.

As for the tickets, in which docking is already provided for — in the case of a plane delay free airline will place you on the next plane and even provide a hotel if the flight is delayed for a long time, whereas tickets for different parts of the track bought separately, no one for that.

How to pack Luggage on a plane

Please find out in advance whether the baggage allowance for your ticket and familiarize yourself with the rules of baggage free allowance. If necessary, you can always arrange this with the airline prior to departure.

the Useful information: to book Luggage in advance is cheaper than in the airport before departure.

At the airport you can wrap a special film his suitcase — this, of course, will not be guaranteed protection from theft, but will help to increase the chances of your belongings in the safe outcome of the flight.

Read the rules on hand baggage on Board the aircraft (usually they are painted on the ticket), and all that is prohibited to carry on Board but permitted in baggage in advance, place in the suitcase. Purchased in Duty Free goods will be sealed in a special package that before boarding the plane forbidden to open.

the Important! If at the time of receipt of the baggage you've noticed signs of opening your bags without delay, contact the employee of the airport (in the baggage hall he is always present).

On Board the plane

You should care what you can do on Board — books, Board games, apps or movies on your haidate will help you to pass the time in flight. Another option, which can be applied for a long flight — a sleeping pill, but this method is not for everyone, and sure you should consult with your doctor.

Useful tips for air travelers:

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Date of publication: 15.12.2016

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