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Reduced flights Kiev-Moscow


The frequency of flights on the Kiev-Moscow route reduced because of the difficult political situation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, the number of aircraft operating in this area, continues to decline.

All changes in the schedule and frequency of flights between Kiev and Moscow has been five carriers, both Russian and Ukrainian side has the right to make flights in this direction, according to the portal

Aeroflot, which previously was performed daily to 5 flights to Kiev, have reduced the number of flights to Kiev up to three a day. Russian airline Transaero has reduced the number of flights per day from 4 to 2 and S7-3 to 1.

Ukrainian MAU has reduced the frequency of flights to 2 flights per day per day (previously the air conditioning was performed up to 6 flights a day) and UTair-Ukraine has canceled all flights to Moscow for the next date.

In the end, the frequency of flights between Kiev and Moscow from all airlines operating in this area declined from 18-20 to 9 daily flights.

Remains a complicated air traffic with Crimea.

Atlasjet airline canceled flights to Simferopol until April 9, 2014 and stopped the sale of tickets for this direction. But, given the current political situation the probability of resumption of flights from the 10th of April is quite low.

In addition, Turkish Airlines announced the cancellation of all flights direction Simferopol-Istanbul until 17 June 2014.

All passengers who bought plane tickets on that flight, will be able to replace the route alternative flight from Turkey to Ukraine (Istanbul-Lviv, Istanbul-Kiev, Istanbul-Dnepropetrovsk, Istanbul-Odessa and Istanbul-Donetsk) or return the money spent on the purchase, in full.

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Date of publication: 31.03.2014

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