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The difficulty of carry-on baggage in Russia


Due to the introduction of a temporary ban on liquids in hand Luggage in Russian airports, many passengers have already faced difficulties during the flight.

Difficulties arise because, despite the fact that the Ministry of transport of Russia signed a decree on 9 January 2014, formally, these rules have not yet introduced, and many airports are already applying these provisions in practice, although many articles still do not have clear wording.

For example, there is still no clear list of allowable for carriage of medications, and the list is permitted to carry liquids marked rather vague.

By the way, the telegram, which was sent to the Ministry of transport, mentioned that passengers can carry in hand Luggage medicines, special dietary products and baby food, but many of the Russian airports announced a categorical ban their transportation.

As a result, today, many already face significant difficulties during the flight. For example, at security checkpoints at most airports in Russia representatives of the security service require to prove the harmlessness of the medications taken and confirm their purpose. Therefore, when passing control before boarding you may be asked to open the packaging of the drugs that you want to smuggle in hand Luggage and even use them, for example, then eye drops or tasting baby food.

Special difficulties may arise with drugs, packaging which cannot be printed until use. Maxim Sokolov, Minister of transport of the Russian Federation, the journalists ' questions about transporting medications quite categorically said that passengers who are forced to use such drugs during the flight, will have to give up traveling by plane and use another form of transport. This statement has already caused a certain resonance, because many found it very cynical.

Particular, these innovations will inspire those passengers who travel with hand Luggage only, for example, during a short trip. Because of the resolution of the Ministry of transport they actually have to give up perfumes and personal care products. Even if these passengers will acquire all the necessary at the place of arrival, they will have to throw out all the bottles before the return flight. Especially inconvenient the ban for tourists travelling with a stopover in Russia – many purchased in other countries, Souvenirs and goods from the Duty Free could be confiscated at security checkpoints at Russian airports.

While the Ministry no longer provides any additional comments and clarifications regarding the prohibition of liquids in hand Luggage, which introduced the period of the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

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Date of publication: 13.01.2014

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