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The most secure airports in the world


By the end of 2015, readers of the American monthly magazine Condé Nast Traveler has compiled a list of the safest airports in the world, which included 10 airports, the most convenient, comfortable and reliable for passengers.

When the rankings take into account information about international airports of Europe, America and Asia.

In the past year the three of leaders were the airports of Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong — that they were cast the majority of votes of travelers.

It is worth noting that Singapore airport is not the first year wins the title of best airport in the world (this title he was awarded 19 times), and is renowned in the aviation industry.

Rating of airports in 2015:

  1. Airport "Changi", Singapore

  2. Dubai, UAE

  3. Hong Kong International Airport, China

  4. Airport name Ben-Gurion, tel-Aviv, Israel

  5. Airport «Incheon», Seoul, South Korea

  6. Airport, Tokyo, Japan

  7. Airport “Hamad”, Qatar

  8. Airport Abu Dhabi, UAE

  9. Zurich Airport, Switzerland

  10. Vancouver International Airport, Canada

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Date of publication: 29.12.2015

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