Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Russian airlines plan to equalize prices


In the near future in Russia, the price of the tickets may be aligned depending on the distance of flights.

Thus, the cost of tickets will be formed depending on the distance apart of the points of departure and arrival at a special pre-agreed rates.

As a result, the cost of tickets at an equal distance should be identical.

It is suggested that the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation, as the Ministry finds it unacceptable that now the routes are the same length from the same airlines vary significantly in price.

As the example was given of a significant difference in the pricing of flights Moscow-Astana and Moscow-new York, which illustrates the fact that buying plane tickets to Kazakhstan from Russia passengers have much more expensive than in the US.

According to the head of FAS Igor Artemyev, in the near future the Service will be a comparative table of the price of flights with the same mileage in the same season in Russia and in Europe. Based on the collected statistics it is proposed to clear and to equalize the cost of routes.

Such a proposal carriers was taken in arms – it is considered incorrect and irrational. As arguments the airlines provide data on the costs of maintenance of aircraft, airports and fuel cost. All these figures are significantly different in different countries, some airports due to its geographical location, require additional services and costs that, in turn, affect the pricing of tickets.

For example, the air ports in the Nordic countries in need of snow removal equipment, regular purchase and maintenance of which is also reflected in the cost of tickets in Russia.

Another factor shaping pricing — is a load flights. Also no appreciable difference in the ticket prices create tax revenue – now domestic flights are subject to 18% tax rate, which also affects the final cost of travel documents.

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Date of publication: 04.07.2014

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