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Christmas in Munich airport


Traditional Christmas market in Munich airport will open November 22, 2014: about fifty shops, boutiques and cafes will operate the airport for five and a half weeks. At the trade fair you can buy a variety of Souvenirs and themed handmade jewelry, unusual jewelry, fun crafts, fast food, traditional Bavarian snacks, sweets and mulled wine.

Every day through the international airport of Munich is just a huge number of passengers, and on the eve of the Christmas holidays and already busy passenger traffic increased by several times, because many passengers, going on vacation, doing a transplant on other flights here. Since the interval between arrival and departure is often quite long, and passengers have a lot of time in waiting rooms, the airport of Munich is doing everything possible to the time of waiting was not tiresome for the passengers, and proceeded.

One of such entertainment events and is fair on Christmas day in the airport – it is held in the large indoor courtyard, near the airport brewery Airbräu, and the local restaurant for many years, and became sort of a local landmark.

By tradition in addition to souvenir shops, cafes and bistros during the Christmas market at the Munich airport, must pass live concerts, performances and exhibitions, working skating rink (rent skates of the right size are available here) and Curling.

Little travelers are always in awe of the special children's programme activities: workshops for children of different ages, game rooms, theatrical performances and professional animators.

In addition to the New year and Christmas fair in 2015 the airport will delight your guests another fun-there will be a free movie theater for passengers.

Schedule Christmas market in Munich airport: from 22 November to 28 December 2014, from 11:00 to 21:00. In the Catholic Christmas Eve (24 December) the schedule will be abbreviated: trading will cease at 17:00.

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Date of publication: 18.11.2014

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