Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Journey blindly from Lufthansa


Lufthansa offers its passengers the unusual format of travel — the purchase of tickets to an unknown direction.

Lottery from Lufthansa provides for the purchase of tickets on the airline's planes really are flying blind — a passenger selects one of nine available thematic groups travel, for example, “Romance”, “Beach” or “Shopping”, and buys the suggested flights. To choose under the terms of special offers, tourist can only travel date and group of the cities complete information about the travel route becomes known to the owner only after payment of tickets.

Passenger options for travel can also set a filter on the city, which he wished to exclude from the lottery, but it is worth considering that such manipulation can increase the cost of the lot. Rates for the round trip if you pay by Bank card starting from €97, and €107 for different groups of cities, the price does not include baggage allowance (paid in addition, €15 one way).

In addition, it is worth considering that the choice of time is arbitrary, depending on user-defined parameters, for example, if you specify a range from 2 to 10 days, the system can choose any duration within the specified range.

The lottery involved Lufthansa flights company originated exclusively from the  Munich and Frankfurt, the available directions of Europe and the Mediterranean:

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Ancona
  3. Athens
  4. Basel
  5. Barcelona
  6. Belgrade
  7. Bilbao
  8. Birmingham
  9. Brussels
  10. Budapest
  11. Bucharest
  12. Valencia
  13. Warsaw
  14. Vienna
  15. Venice
  16. Vilnius
  17. Wrocław
  18. Hamburg
  19. Gdańsk
  20. Göteborg
  21. Graz
  22. Dresden
  23. Dublin
  24. Geneva
  25. Zagreb
  26. Izmir
  27. Copenhagen
  28. Krakow
  29. Krakow
  30. Larnaca
  31. Lyon
  32. Lisbon
  33. Lions
  34. Madrid
  35. Malta
  36. Manchester
  37. Marseille
  38. Milan
  39. Naples
  40. Nice
  41. Oslo
  42. Paris
  43. Pisa
  44. Poznań
  45. Porto
  46. Prague
  47. Riga
  48. Rome
  49. Seville
  50. Sibiu
  51. Sofia
  52. Istanbul
  53. Stockholm
  54. Tallinn
  55. Trieste
  56. Toulouse
  57. Turin
  58. Florence
  59. Helsinki
  60. Zurich

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Date of publication: 26.05.2016

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