Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Flights during pregnancy


Travel during pregnancy is possible, doctors say, but expectant mothers should carefully and accurately to plan their travels.

Physicians Royal College of obstetrics and gynecology, UK in the course of the study established the frontier period of pregnancy after which a woman is not recommended travel: 37 weeks. With this period, the flights need to stop to protect themselves and their unborn baby from possible complications, which may occur due to traveling by plane in the last weeks of pregnancy.

The official conclusion of the medical Commission sent to all major airlines — recently, a very frequent cases when the representatives of the carriers refuse to allow on Board passengers to the status of pregnancy in 35 weeks. Doctors believe that this study will help pregnant women to determine the timing of their flights, and airlines will listen to objective experts, and will not deny the possibility of air travel to passengers on long periods of pregnancy.

In addition, midwives Royal College has compiled a short list of tips for pregnant women on the flight, which should help women to postpone travel without the discomfort and health effects:


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Date of publication: 11.02.2015

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