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Flights with a child — rules and tips


You have a flight with a baby? Traveling with children requires a special approach, because of the unusual setting and some inconvenience to which adults usually are quite philosophically, for a small child are frightening and very much more uncomfortable than it is for adults.

To travel with a baby went very quiet and did not deliver neither the kid nor his parents any discomfort, just follow recommendations. Our advice simple and do not require any lengthy preparation for the trip, but they travel for you and your baby will be much easier and more comfortable.

Features of air travel with a baby:

Think ahead about how they will pass the paperwork to go through security at the airport, transportation of Luggage, shopping, food and a visit to the toilet — probably, all you have to do with a baby, especially if you are going to travel just the two of us with the baby, and not be able to count on the help of loved ones in the road.

Stroller on the plane:

the Most convenient model of children's strollers for travel-umbrella strollers.

It's light and compact, passport control and airport security will be with her very quickly, and most importantly, you will be able to bring her sleeping baby right up to the gangway.

the be Sure to ask from the flight attendant that will take your stroller at the gate, where it can be picked up after arrival — near the ramp or on the tape.

Place for a child at the time of the flight:

Children under the age of two may be carried on hands, do not buy him an adult ticket. This method of travel is best suited for short flights, but for long journeys it is better to book for your child a separate seat in the plane.

Remember that in the first row of the plane there are seats for parents with young children — such passengers are given a special attachable carrycot. To book a place with a cradle online, but if for some reason you have not made it in time, you can try to ask the stewardess to give it to you already in the cabin. In the second option you need to be prepared for the fact that free cradle may or may not be on Board.

Please note that the cradle in the plane has a weight limit. To put it child weighing up to 8 pounds.

Children's seat belt on the plane:

For passengers with young children there is a special baby seat belt that attaches to the strap of the one who accompanies the child. You will need to take the baby during landing and takeoff, sure buckling this strap.

Food and drink for baby on the plane:

In the plane you cannot carry liquids more than 200ml volume, but some airlines may be allowed to take to the cabin a little sealed bag with the juice for a child. Be sure to bring in your hand Luggage empty bottle or child's Cup road with a protective cap to drink (depending on the age of your child). Remember that plastic and paper cups for a small child not suitable — with a high probability they will be flipped, crushed, or dropped.

You have to find before you fly with your child:


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Date of publication: 15.12.2014

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