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The visa be refused? MAU will return the cost of tickets


The visa be refused? MAU will return the cost of tickets

The airline reports that passengers who were denied visa to travel abroad, will be able to get back the money spent on the purchase of tickets, in full.

The only thing that is non-refundable in such cases — it's a service fee, according to representatives of the air carrier.

How to get a full refund for the tickets of MAU in case of refusal of visa:

  1. to apply for a refund, it is necessary not less than three days prior to the specified in the ticket departure date
  2. to refer passengers to a place for buying tickets
  3. country, refused a visa, must match that specified on the ticket destination of the flights, the stop overs or transit
  4. at itself it is necessary to have copies of documents that confirm the visa refusal

Confirming the refusal of visa for return of tickets:

To return money for tickets in case of refusal of a visa will all the passengers MAU, regardless of the method and the place of purchase, and payment forms. The service is available for all UIA flights from Ukraine, which routes require an entry visa.

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Date of publication: 19.02.2015

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