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Oktoberfest: Lufthansa changes the shape of carriages


Lufthansa is changing the livery of its planes flying from Bavaria, in honor of the celebration of Oktoberfest.

The world-famous beer festival, Oktoberfest, Lufthansa German airlines for the tenth consecutive year notes in themed costumes of their crew.

Eleven flight attendants and two stewards of the air carrier will operate flights "Lufthansa" in stylized national dress form.

Every year the Oktoberfest for the airline developed a new design dirndle, the one thing that always remains constant is the brand of Lufthansa colours — blue, white and yellow that made the costume crew. In 2016 oktoberfests form was developed by the designers of the fashion house Angermaier.

To see the unusual outfits on the Lufthansa Cityline flights that connect Munich with nice, Belgrade, Birmingham, Olbia, Silti, Denver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Boston and the unofficial capital of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca. Aircrew in dirndle will run until the end of the Oktoberfest (October 3, 2016).

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Date of publication: 20.09.2016

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