Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

New rules for online check-in for UIA flights


UIA has introduced new rules for online check-in for their flights — now passengers can check in up to 48 hours before departure. Earlier this service was available only for 23 hours before take-off.

To check in online no later than 1 hour prior to departure, while on the physical check-in desks this service is available 20 minutes longer. In addition, there are a number of conditions, some routes UIA — the service is not available for Charter flights, and flights from certain airports there are a number of limitations. For example, flights from new York and Amsterdam, passengers can only check in online 24 hours before departure and later, and airplanes from Zurich, Geneva and Brussels this registration is only open for 18 hours.

It is also worth considering that closing the online check-in for departures from new York is 4 hours before departure, but from Zaporozhye and tel Aviv — 3 hours.

Earlier, we reported that UIA introduced the automatic registration of flight.

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Date of publication: 16.06.2016

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