Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

A tax on air in the airport of Venezuela


The Central airport of Venezuela, located in the capital, Caracas, “pleased” of its passengers in custom collection.

Now, each passenger departing on any flight from this airport, is required to pay the fee for the air – $20.

The introduction of fees for air due to the installation of a system of Biosafety and ozonation of the air at the airport – the first in South America and the Caribbean.

On the official website of the main airport of Venezuela published the message in which the administration informs about the necessity to improve the performance of “health and elimination of pollutants in the environment”.

The fee for the air in the airport of Venezuela is a compulsory payment from 1 July 2014. Payment is made by passengers during check-in.

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Date of publication: 17.07.2014

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