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Lufthansa: travels with baby will be more comfortable


The airline Lufthansa has taken care of his passengers, travelling with young children, and made a list of useful tips for those who are flying with a child.

Traveling with children is usually a challenge for young parents because of the child, especially if it is quite small, flights can be not only strange, but even frightening event. To hours spent in the waiting room or in the cabin, did not for the baby the source of stress, the airline has taken care of the comfort and safety of passengers and small children, and has also developed a special game program that will not only entertain baby but also help him to get acquainted with the aircraft and the airports that the child did not have a fear of flying. 

As I hope to airlines, useful information for parents to help make the flight easier and more comfortable for adults and for young passengers, and will be useful both in preparation for the flight and directly during the journey. 

  1. 23 hours before your departure time please download your boarding pass to your mobile device that you plan to take with you or print it out and check-in online. This will save time in delivery of baggage, and you don't have to stand with the baby in the queue.
  2. Not later than 24 hours before departure you can order for your child a special children's menu — this service is available on all long-haul flights on some routes to Europe.
  3. Remember that in the airports of Munich and Frankfurt for passengers with children up to 12 years are special separate reception (to find them just — these racks are marked with the symbols of Lufthansa, the characters of Lu and Cosmo). Here, in addition to the regular registration procedure the customers will receive an information booklet — “Family guide", in which you'll find a list of cafes and restaurants with children's menu, the location of all children playgrounds and observation decks at the airport, pharmacies, shops and changing tables.
  4. For children aged less than two years, on long-haul flights of Lufthansa are comfortable and safe bassinet, special meals, tea and toys for babies. If necessary, you can also provide a bottle to feed the child.
  5. If you're flying business class, of children travelling with you, are waiting gifts and play sets in the waiting rooms. Also, the business halls of the children have a separate play area where the child can spend time not only comfortable, but also very interesting.
  6. Pre-use service that provides priority boarding to passengers with children — you go to Board the plane earlier than other passengers.
  7. At airports there are free strollers that you can use while waiting for your flight. Own stroller can also be checked in when boarding the plane near the ramp.
  8. If your child is over five years old, he can travel with Lufthansa alone — under the supervision of airline personnel. Every year this service used by more than 80,000 children worldwide.
  9. On Board Lufthansa for children available special entertainment programs, audiobooks, educational games and cartoons. Also this summer, the airline prepared for its young passengers many interesting surprises and gifts. The Lufthansa service team will be awarded to the children about a half million toys, coloring books, puzzles, books, and puzzles.
  10. Before the flight you can download a specially designed app Take-Off! for smartphones. This is an interesting cognitive game, which will acquaint the child with the fly, talk about airplanes and travel. Soon we will be running another mobile app Lufthansa — Super JetFriends, which young passengers together with Lu and Cosmo, the mascots of the airline, will not only get acquainted with the world of aviation, but also to carry out interesting quests, solve to  complex tasks, and even piloting aircraft.

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Date of publication: 11.08.2015

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