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Which airlines trust?


Which airline is the world's most reliable? The answer to this question is, travel portal WanderBat, which conducted a survey among travelers from different countries, and made a rating out of 10 of the best from the point of view of the passengers of the airlines.

Tourists are invited to appreciate different carriers on the following criteria: punctuality, level and quality of service, the average age of the airline and some other key parameters.

The result of the large number of high ratings and positive reviews received by Qatar Airways, the national airline of Qatar.

Second and third place in the ranking took Emirates (UAE) and China Eastern (China), respectively.

A list of the most reliable airlines in the world, top 10:

  1. Qatar Airways (Qatar)
  2. Emirates (UAE)
  3. China Eastern (China)
  4. Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
  5. China Southern Airlines (China)
  6. Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia)
  7. Air China (China)
  8. British Airways (UK)
  9. Saudi Arabian (Saudi Arabia)
  10. Cathay Pacific (China)

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Date of publication: 20.04.2015

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