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How to plan a flight with Ryanair flights?


Low-cost airline Ryanair — one of the most popular European airlines-cost segment.

The flights of this airline are always encouraging their passengers a very pleasant ticket prices, but that the maximum reduction in price of air travel often comes at the expense of a certain reduction in comfort. Therefore, if you plan your trip with Ryanair planes to win on airfare, be prepared to less convenient airports, transfers and flight combinations with long transfers.

And that such a journey was more comfortable, we have prepared for you a list of tips on how to plan flights to flights Ryanair. Follow these simple rules and your flight will be much easier and more enjoyable!

Stock time travel

Plan your entire trip with a good margin of time — the airline often uses for its flight is not very convenient airports, as it can significantly reduce the cost of the flight and, accordingly, the ticket for the passenger. Often to get into these airports (or to get them to the destination) is quite easy by public transport, but such castling will take you some time and will require a small but still additional expenses. Please check place of departure/arrival, to account for the time on the road.

Keep in mind the possibility of flight delays

According to statistics about 10% of flights behind schedule. Yes, against the total number of flights operated by the company, this number is very small, and the chances are that you may not be lucky and your flight will be late, quite small, but to account for this possibility is still worth it, especially if you have to fly with transfers. In any case, do not plan such connections end-to-end time — even a slight trim can disrupt the route and significantly spoil your trip.

Savings on Luggage

To save on Luggage on the plane sometimes it is necessary to put “unnecessary” clothes in the cabin. For example, if your jacket taken “just in case”, doesn't fit in a suitcase, and it is necessary to arrange an extra bag, something worth remembering on the cost of transportation of one piece of baggage for passengers of Ryanair and to take it with me on the plane.

Time to take a seat in the cabin

Most flights of this airline is served by special buses, and not gates. That is, you have to first drive along with other passengers from the airport and climb the ladder. Not to be in the tail of the queue and get a good seat on the plane, take the bus among the last — so you will be closer to the exit and, accordingly, one of the first to climb into the cabin and to take a more convenient place for you.

Please note: to Book a seat on the Ryanair plane in advance (for an additional fee) or check-ins on the Internet (not later than 2 hours before departure free of charge).

The food on Board

The cost of catering, alas, is not happy, so if you want to save some extra money, be sure before the flight eat a full meal and take in the cabin a light snack, for example, a few chocolates or energy bars and a small bottle of water.

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Date of publication: 28.04.2015

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