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Croatia island of RAB will connect with Rijeka seaplanes


Airlines European Coastal Airlines has connected the island of RAB (Croatia) Rijeka — now this short route with good weather can be served by regular daily float plane.

At a pre-approved schedule of flights departing from Rijeka will happen at 11:55, and in the opposite direction, the European Coastal Airlines seaplane will take off from the island of RAB at 12:35.

As representatives of airline, duration of flight from Rijeka to RAB island, will be about 20 minutes and the ticket price will be around €12 (99 HRK) for the one way flight and about €26 (kun 198) — in the two sides.

In addition, the European Coastal Airlines seaplane to the island of RAB already fly from Zagreb and split, from October 2014, and spring 2015, that is, in the coming months, Rijeka will be connected by regular flights with Cres, Krk and Losino. The journey time between Rijeka, Krk and Cres 19-local planes DHC-6 Twin Otter, according to the airline, will be about 10 minutes.

In the near future it is planned to launch direct flights from Pula to lošinj (€40), and the Italian directions: Ancona, Ravenna and Venice.

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Date of publication: 12.02.2015

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