Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

The Ministry of transport is planning the abolition of the free baggage allowance


The Ministry of transport put forward a proposal to cancel the existing Ukrainian air carriers mandatory free baggage allowance, adopted four years ago.

According to the current rules airlines must provide each passenger the opportunity to free carriage of 1 suitcase whose weight does not exceed 23 kilograms (for piece concept) or Luggage, weighing up to 15 kilos (for weight concept). The cost of transportation of things, passenger in accordance with these requirements  are automatically included in the ticket price.

If in the existing regulations, these provisions are clearly spelled out, and the airline can't treat them in two ways, after making the proposed amendments, which will allow carriers to establish these rules for themselves, can absolutely any innovations: from reducing weight to a complete abolition of free transportation.

But airline representatives say that in the case of such a decision will benefit only the passengers: according to statistics, about half of them are traveling without Luggage, although if you purchase tickets in any case are forced to pay for its transportation and plane tickets will be a little cheaper.

Innovation is now at the stage of discussion, and accurate answer to the question of the abolition of the free baggage allowance will be known only after the collection of statistics and market research Ministry of transport.

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Date of publication: 22.10.2014

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