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Freedom of choice

Electronic cigarette in airplane banned


ICAO (international civil aviation organization) has imposed a ban on the carriage of electronic cigarette in airplanes — now passengers can no longer take the Luggage as electronic cigarettes and batteries for them.

From the date of entry of this decision into force the passengers with electronic cigarettes and the batteries for them will be able to carry such cargo in the cabin.

In addition, it is also forbidden to smoke an electronic cigarette aboard the plane and charge the Smoking items in the cabin.

All these measures were taken in connection with repeated cases of fire Luggage because of the spontaneously activated during the flight heating elements. The relevant provisions was an amendment to the Technical instructions for the safe air transportation of dangerous goods.

As explained in the ICAO is the decision on transportation of electronic cigarettes on Board a passenger aircraft, if these devices are activated and the ignition occurs, it will be noticed and fixed immediately.

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Date of publication: 18.06.2015

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