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Freedom of choice

Electronic cigarette in airplanes USA banned


On March 2, 2016, the Ministry of transport, the United States finally banned Smoking of electronic cigarettes aboard aircraft.

The Smoking ban of electronic cigarettes went into effect this environment and extends to flights on U.S. airlines and on flights operated by foreign air carriers if these carriers fly across the country or to (from) it.

As explained in the Department, such decision will allow to protect the passengers of the Airliners from the harmful effects of aerosol fumes that are formed during operation of such devices for Smoking. Also, the new ban will help to avoid confusion and possible misunderstandings that have happened previously, while acting ban on Smoking aboard aircraft of tobacco products, but electronic cigarettes in this resolution did not appear.

Now, according to the relevant documents of the Ministry of transport of the USA, passengers can carry electronic cigarettes and batteries to them on Board in hand Luggage, as their baggage is prohibited, but can neither use them nor to charge during the flight.

The ban on baggage electronic cigarette was introduced because there had been many situations with their spontaneous ignition. For example, in early 2016, the Hawaiian Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing because of smoke in the baggage compartment — in one of the bags was electronic cigarette, triggering the activation of the emergency fire fighting system.

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Date of publication: 03.03.2016

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