Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Additional fee in Hong Kong airport


Hong Kong international airport introduces an additional tax for passengers — from August 1, 2016, all travellers who purchase flights from this air port will be forced to pay a special fee.

New airport tax introduced on flights of all airlines, its size will vary depending on the class of service and distance flown.

The fee for departure in the Hong Kong airport will be for economy class short-haul destinations 90 Hong Kong dollars (about 11,60 USD) for business class — 160 HKD (20,60 USD). Long-haul flights (Europe, South and North America, Africa, the middle East and Asia-Pacific) — 160 HKD (20,60 USD) for economy class, 180 HKD (23,18 USD) for first and business class.

Airport tax will be charged and transit flights-passengers will have to pay 70 HKD (or 9 USD).

The Commission imposed by the airport authorities of Hong Kong for repayment of loans taken for modernization of the air port and the expansion of three runways, and will operate until full closure of the debt.

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Date of publication: 14.06.2016

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