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Dobrolet does not fly from-for EU sanctions


Airline Dobrolet, which currently is the only Locosto Russia, is forced to suspend flights due to EU sanctions.

Air travel and ticketing company Dobrolet stopped on 4 August 2014. New Russian airline that started to perform their first flights just a couple of months ago, in June 2014, with the flight Moscow-Simferopol, fell under the EU sanctions for the execution of flights in the Crimea.

EU sanctions for Dobrolet was introduced on 30 July, and initially the company's management assumed that they will have no effect on the operation of the air carrier, not operating on European routes.

Now the press service of the airline reported that its European partners have terminated the existing contract, removing all obligations for maintenance insurance aircraft canceled the lease agreement and stopped providing aeronautical information.

Passengers who managed to buy tickets for Dobrolet flights to Ekaterinburg, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Surgut and Kazan will be able to issue a forced refund. Passengers who have tickets for flights Moscow-Volgograd-Moscow with departure on August 20, 2014 and Moscow-Simferopol-Moscow with departure before 15 September 2014 inclusive, will be transported by Orenburg airlines. Dates and times of departures will be in accordance with Dobrolet tickets.

Transfer flights of Aeroflot, which is the parent company Dobrolet, passengers are not offered.

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Date of publication: 04.08.2014

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