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Free miniport for Luggage on Turkish Airlines


Passengers of Turkish Airlines in Istanbul is now available a special Luggage storage miniport, allowing you to transport things from Ataturk international airport to Taksim square and back.

Take advantage of this new service is easy — passengers just need to check in your baggage on arrival in Istanbul (you can do this with the miniport's office, which is located on the airport site, the level of the metro station). Take things at Taksim square (European side of the city) in the office of Turkish Airlines in the course of the day.

Back service works in a similar way: the passenger prior to the flight which left at least five hours, can take your Luggage to the airline office on the square, and then get it in the airport.

Please note that Luggage transport to the airport via miniport is not available for passengers who fly from Istanbul to UK, Israel, Canada or the United States.

The schedule of work of offices miniport from Turkish Airlines:

Schedule delivery of Luggage to the airport daily at 9:00, 13:30 and 18:30.

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Date of publication: 17.06.2016

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