Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Automatic check-in for UIA flights


18 may 2016 UIA has introduced the automatic registration of most of its Charter and regular flights. In the future we plan to introduce a similar system on all other flights of the company.

Innovation applies to flights to new York, Dubai, London, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Munich, Berlin, Paris, nice, Zurich, Geneva, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tehran, Helsinki, Madrid, Valencia, Bologna, Alicante, Gdansk from Kiev, as well as all international flights from Kharkov.

Useful information: new rules for online check-in for UIA

Also these changes will affect flights with transfers and day trips — if, for example, in the present booking air flights departing in less than 12 hours after landing of the previous flight, the system detects a passenger on it in automatic mode.

Automatic check-in for UIA flights will be charged in case if the passenger has not checked independently. The application automatically assigns the passenger a seat at random and sends to specified when booking, email the boarding pass. In addition, boarding passes are also available at the airport at reception free of charge.

If the loading of the aircraft is less than 100%, change the seat after automatic registration of MAU would be possible — this option is also free, but the choice of seats will be limited.


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Date of publication: 19.05.2016

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