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Air travel: how to fly properly?


How does a journey begin? Many may think that the key starting point of vacations is the first step to the coveted overseas (or not) the earth, but in fact, your journey starts a bit earlier — directly from the air travel.

Of course, you may disagree with us, as rest of resort — this one, and the flights, the road that takes several hours and is often rather tiring, it's something else, the rest is quite different. In some ways, of course, this view is correct, but there is one small but rather important point: that the road to that long-awaited vacation sets the mood for all further journey. It is therefore important to ensure that the flight was as comfortable and trouble-free, and not left you a negative impression.

We have prepared for you a small list of tips that will help to better organize the flights and make it a little easier and more enjoyable. Many of the items on this list is pretty obvious, but, nevertheless, air travelers often forget about them.

How to pass the security and passport control

In the cabin

The carriage of baggage in aircraft

Duty Free at airports

Air travel with kids

If you are interested in tips and recommendations for air travel with children, go link.

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Date of publication: 02.02.2015

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