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Freedom of choice

Warsaw airport automated passenger control


At the international airport in Warsaw at the entrance to the control zone has a special automated turnstiles.

Now the passengers who are boarding, will be able to get to the part in the check area of aviation security without the participation of airport employees — to pass through the turnstile it is enough simple to attach to the reading panel special code.

Scanners are able to recognize the code from the paper (with tickets or printouts), and mobile screens, that is, to pass the turnstile it is enough to attach to the scanner your smartphone or tablet.

Warsaw airport has already installed five such automated turnstiles — three for passengers travelling in economy class, one for business class and another for the elderly, the disabled and passengers with children.

The bandwidth of such devices is up to 15 people per minute, therefore, according to the airport authority, this innovation will speed up the process of passing control of passengers and increase the capacity of the terminal.

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Date of publication: 07.05.2015

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